Delta Sigma Pi celebrates recruitment week

May 3, 2018



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Delta Sigma Pi demonstrated what their fraternity is all about for their annual Recruitment Week. From April 23 to May 3, Delta Sigma Pi showed off their fraternity to students seeking to enter the business world. They hosted a number of events throughout the week, such as the Delta Sigma Pi informational, Alumni Luncheon, How to tie a Tie, Netflix and Chill, Lobby Day, Cafeteria Clean Up and a professional event which was a collaboration with Alpha Kappa Psi.


Carolyn Chadwick, president of Delta Sigma Pi, said the main objective for Recruitment Week was to give students the chance to join Delta Sigma Pi and to prepare them for when they step out into the real world.


“We try to make sure all of our students are prepared with the soft skills that they need for after they cross the stage,” Chadwick said. “That is our main goal.”


The Delta Sigma Pi Informational was held April 24 and the goal of the event was to inform students about the fraternity and encourage them to think about joining, Chadwick said the informational discussed several aspects of the fraternity.


“We discussed our organization and chapter history, benefits of joining, some of our notable members, exclusive scholarships we have for the members of our organization and basically just ongoing and upcoming events to let everybody know we are out here,” she said.


The fraternity also took time to relax during the week with their Netflix and Chill event. Chadwick said the Netflix and Chill event was organized  to give students a chance to relax and socialize with each other.


“It is a social where we sit together, collaborate, watch a movie and chat about everything we are going through in class and how we are getting ready for finals,” she said. “We take the time not only to work hard but to relax as well.”


During the informational, Javaryae Clark, a senior sports marketing major,  shared his experience in Delta Sigma Pi. He said the events and the fraternity itself were beneficial to students.


“Delta Sigma Pi is one of those fraternities where you can get the professional side of it and the social life of an actual fraternity,” Clark said. “I have been in Delta Sigma Pi for two years, and I have made multiple connections with different types of people.”


Another event  held during Recruitment Week was the Alumni Luncheon. Jeanda Turner, a sophomore economics major, said the event had a good turnout and everyone got to talk and network with each other.


“It went really well; we had alumni coming from different areas like Bossier and Monroe, and we also had brothers, faculty and staff come to enjoy the food and socialize,” Turner said. “We got to communicate and form relationships with different people.”


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