MULTIMEDIA VIDEO: Crush-N-Chunk Truck helps the environment

September 27, 2012


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Each fall quarter, Tech welcomes new faces from different places to its campus, and with these additions also come new student organizations and clubs of many varieties.


One such addition from the College of Applied and Natural Sciences is Society of Environmental and Ecological Development. SEED, founded by Rose Oubre, a junior environmental science major from Baton Rouge, is an all-encompassing organization that includes human interaction and environmental awareness.


“The club is open to any and all Tech students who have an interest the environment,” Oubre said. “We want to bring awareness to the environment and get involved with service.”

The Crush-N-Chuck Truck makes recycling fun by making rounds at every home game collecting crushed cans by people throwing them into the truck. - Photo by Derek Amaya


SEED’s first project slated for this quarter is called the Crush-N-Chuck Truck. The Crush-N-Chuck Truck is a mobile recycling receptacle that will make rounds through the tailgating area at Joe Aillet Stadium during all five on-campus home football games.


The purpose of the C-N-C Truck is to recover all empty aluminum cans, sell them to recycling centers and donate all proceeds to the Horse Assisted Therapy Services (HATS) organization in Choudrant. HATS uses horse riding as a method of rehabilitation for both physical and mental health ailments.


The C-N-C Truck receptacle was designed and built by members of SEED in conjunction with seventh and eighth grade students at the Wildflower Montessori School in Ruston.


When asked about working on the C-N-C Truck, Montessori eighth grader Noah Bordelon said, “My favorite part of the project so far has been building the frame from PVC.”


Under the guidance of Brandon Moore, an associate professor of biological sciences, the combined group of students has worked diligently on construction.


Moore and the group of students will continue to promote recycling with the operation at the next home game against the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and throughout the rest of the football season.


Planned operation of the Crush-N-Chuck Truck will include making routine rounds through the tailgating areas at the stadium before, during and after the football game.


The truck has a game-like presentation similar to a ball toss challenge. SEED members hope this will encourage tailgaters to throw their aluminum cans into the truck. Prizes will be given to all participants who make their empty cans into the designated target.


“We feel the Crush-N-Chuck Truck will benefit not only students and fans at Tech football games but the entire community as a whole,” Moore said. “By providing incentives for making the cans into the truck, we hope to make recycling not only responsible but fun as well. Our plan at SEED is to continue our service platform with other projects throughout the school year.”


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