Cowboys fan in Saints country

November 7, 2013




Sports Editor


Traitor is a word commonly thrown my way. It is usually followed with some argument about how the Dallas Cowboys are the worst team to ever play in the National Football League and the New Orleans Saints are the greatest team.


Weeks like this one are always the worst. With the Cowboys and Saints facing off this Sunday, arguments of why the Dallas Cowboys are better never seem to end.


So I figured I would make my case as to why I am so passionate about the Cowboys and why I believe they are a better team than the Saints.


As a young boy, my father and I bonded over football.


Every Sunday, I watched the Cowboys play with him, and it is a tradition we continue to this day, although now we have to text about the game since I cannot go home every weekend.


Unlike the common Saints fan, I am not a bandwagoner. My passion for my team was instilled in me at a young age by my father, just as his was instilled in him at a young age. I was a fan of the team during the Troy Aikman era and the Drew Bledsoe era. I have seen the ups and downs.


Sure, the Saints have had recent successes, but we all know that the best teams in any sport see success in more than just a handful of seasons.


The statistics just do not even begin to compare. The Saints have made nine playoff appearances to the Cowboys’ 30. The Cowboys have 21 division championships, while the Saints have nine. The Saints have one Super Bowl win in one appearance, while the Cowboys have five Super Bowl wins in eight appearances. The Cowboys are tied for most Super Bowl appearances with the Pittsburgh Steelers.


Although I tend to let everyone think I hate the Saints because it makes for fun argument, that is just not true. I do not have a problem with Louisiana’s team at all.


However, at the end of the day, I would much rather be a fan of America’s Team than a member of the Who Dat Nation.


And let’s face it, five Super Bowl rings is much better than one.


Kaleb Causey is a senior political science and journalism major from Jonesboro. Email comments to ktc013@latech.edu.


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