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April 10, 2014


Staff Reporter


Louisiana Tech and Cyber Innovation Center announced the establishment of the Louisiana Cyber and Data Consortium on March 21.


“The importance of Louisiana Tech’s partnerships and collaborations with organizations such as these cannot be overstated,” said Tech President Les Guice.


The purpose of the LACDC is to provide a platform for understanding and addressing the issues that affect the growth and sustained prosperity of the data center.


The CIC is the anchor of the 3,000-acre National Cyber Research Park located in Bossier City, according to the group’s website. One of its primary missions is to develop a sustainable education workforce that can support the growing needs of government,industry, and academia.


LACDC will also help with the software industries in Louisiana and share operational and technical concepts, technology, and procedures according to a university press release.


“Louisiana Tech is focused on preparing students and graduating professionals that can meet the needs of these industry-leading companies while contributing to the work that groups, like the LACDC, are doing to preserve the integrity of our cyber assets,” Guice said.


The association will represent a wide range of communities with interests in the security and protection of cyber resources and related threats, in storage and management and use of large data sets for critical and business decisions.


“New, evolving and constant attacks from cyberspace threaten our businesses, national security and economic growth,” U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu said in a statement released by her office. LACDC partners will meet once every quarter for presentations and conferences.


The first meeting of the LACDC is scheduled for April 22 on Tech’s campus.


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