Committees want student voices to be heard

October 18, 2012


Staff Reporter


The Student Government Association continues in their efforts to make the student voice of Tech stronger. Whatchu Want Wednesday has given SGA numerous ideas ranging from adding more flowers, map stations, recycling bins on campus to having Quidditch as an intramural sport.


Maggie Brakeville, sophomore class president, said SGA is trying with Whatchu Want Wednesday to get students involved but needs full campus support from the students. One thing SGA is pushing is for students to get involved in campus committees.


There are dozens of committees on Tech’s campus. Certain committees meet on certain topics ranging from parking issues, behavioral standards, graduate advisory committees, astronomy advisory committee and the aesthetics of the campus.


Brakeville said she feels the aesthetics committee is the most important because when students first come to Tech for a tour, a beautiful campus will always stick out in their minds. “I want students to fall in love with Tech when they see it for the first time,” she said.


The purpose of the aesthetics committee according to the Tech student handbook is to review campus projects and make recommendations to the Tech president as to the beautification merit of the proposed project.


“The aesthetic committee is in charge of all that, but they don’t meet often enough,” said Brakeville. “We need an active and trustworthy SGA student representative to give direction about these kinds of things.”


According to Brakeville, a regular student would be perfect for the job.


“A normal student sees what needs to be done on campus,” Brakeville said. Reginald Hanchey, chairman of the aesthetics committee, said he believes a student representative would be a good idea.


“Students have concerns and experience problems that faculty, staff and administrators are unaware of,” Hanchey said.


He said the aesthetics committee does not purchase materials or initiate programs and said the committee is only concerned about issues that would permanently change the appearance of our campus.


“I see things every day that need attention,” he said. “Edging along the sidewalk, paper and other litter dropped by people, unattractive flyers taped to buildings, chalk ads on sidewalks, touch-ups needed on painted surfaces, all these things are areas that need constant work but requires manpower which we do not have enough of.”


Hanchey said budget cuts over the past several years have greatly impacted Tech in many ways.


“An informed student knows cuts have occurred and our administration has insisted academics will remain our top priority,” he said. “That means we have fewer employees to mow and care for the green space on campus, and the ones that remain have more and more to do.”


Brakeville said getting a student representative on all committees is highly important.


“Right now we have to plan meetings and go before the committee, and without a student it’s hard,” Brakeville said. “SGA wants to improve Tech and let the students’ voices be heard. We are taking minor steps, but I think SGA will one day have Tech where it needs to be.”


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