College of business introduces hybrid program

January 30, 2017


Starla Gatson
News Editor | sjg021@latech.edu


For many business professionals, the opportunity to return to college to obtain a master’s degree is hindered by work schedules. But with the introduction of Louisiana Tech College of Business’s hybrid program, employees will be able to earn a degree while maintaining their current jobs.


Doug Amyx, the interim associate dean of graduate programs, said the hybrid program, which will be offered in the spring, is a combination of live and online classes for computer information specialists.


“There’s a five–class sequence of computer information systems assurance of information systems coursework out of the college, and those are done live,” he said. “Then online we have our MBA courses, so these students will be working toward the completion of their MBA with this focus in information assurance.”


The College of Business will partner with the newly opened Shreveport branch of CSRA, an information technology company, for the program.


Amyx said CSRA came to North Louisiana largely because of Tech and its reputation, and each of the live classes will be held on-site at the company’s facility.


“They came to this region partly because of a desire to have a relationship with Tech and because of our expertise in technology,” he said. “They’re very interested in the computer information science courses because it ties in with what their employees do.”


Ana Deloach, a junior marketing major, said she thinks the hybrid program will be well received, and would consider participating in one in the future.


“I feel that it provides me with another option,” she said. “It would allow me the opportunity to continue my education and get my degree while continuing to work and learn more real world and life skills in the job setting.”


Morgan Echols, a junior business management major, said she believes the College of Business’s growth, new programs and updated courses will be beneficial to all of its students, not just MBA candidates.


“As a student, I believe a growing program allows for more opportunities, more degrees and more jobs,” she said. “I think many students will love these programs because they’ll be able to grow in their jobs and education all at once.”


Amyx said the hybrid program is just one of many additions to the College of Business, including a variety of new marketing concentrations, digital and content marketing courses and the development of a course in which students can manage money and gain experience with investing.


He said the College of Business has been active in updating its programs so each course will be current and relevant for the students.


“These are all initiatives that are keeping us on the cutting edge,” he said. “We try to get feedback from our students, alumni and executives out in industry to offer what they want our graduates to know.”


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