City of Ruston begins further developments

October 1, 2015



Staff Reporter | cjb066@latech.edu

Workers in hard hats and buildings in progress are no stranger to the city of Ruston recently. New stores and restaurants, such as Newk’s, Dairy Queen and Monster Moto, seem to be popping up on every corner. Thus the question arises, why the sudden development boom?

Kristi Lumpkin, economic development administrator for Ruston, said this city has a lot to offer businesses looking to expand their chains.

“The certain new additions chose Ruston because they see a good market here,” she said. “Ruston is growing and it’s growing quickly.”

Lumpkin said the recent growth can be attributed to a combination of factors.

“Tech’s growth is a huge part of why these businesses are setting their roots here,” Lumpkin said. “With more students comes a need for more faculty as well, hence a growing population.”

Although Ruston is a small, traditional southern town, Lumpkin said they have received a lot of positive feedback from the community so far.

“I have heard nothing but good things about Ruston’s development so far,” she said. “The market is great here and both businesses and the community are figuring that out.”

Louisiana Tech students share in the excitement for Ruston’s growth as well.

Collin McDonald, a senior clinical kinesiology major, said the expansion is right on time.

“With the university growing like it is, the town is responding well and preparing for the future growth as well,” he said. “It’s nice to see the community growing to support the increase in students but still keeping the college town roots.”

McDonald said he would like to see something in the entertainment industry make its way to Ruston.

“Something like a skating rink or bowling alle would be interesting,” he said. “It would help provide more opportunities for students to do off campus activities.”

Dan Mabry, a senior marketing major, said he thinks the development will freshen up Ruston.

“Its always nice to have a new place to eat,” he said. “We are pretty limited compared to other college towns, so I think the new places will really help that.”

As far as future development, Lumpkin has advised the community to stay tuned.

“There are a few things I cannot discuss right now,” she said. “We are working on a few more things as this is only the beginning for the city of Ruston.”


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