Christian students unite as ‘One’

October 16, 2011
Photo by Dacia Idom

One, a new worship service, began last month in an attempt to bring students of all denominations in a Christian service. In its first few weeks, an average of 80 students have attended, and some hope the ministry will expand to include even more students in the future. – Photo by Dacia Idom

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Tech’s campus Christian community is composed of many different groups and organizations, all coming together for one purpose.

With so many groups for Christians to join, some organizations decided to merge together, and they hope others will follow suit in the future.

This month marks the first anniversary of the merge between Crossroads Church and Christ Community Church under the name The Bridge. Last month, The Bridge ‘s student ministry and the Wesley Foundation united to become a group named One.

One offers a weekly service at 8 p.m. every Tuesday at The Bridge’s Tech campus,

located at 500 W. Georgia Ave. It was founded by the three men who directed each church’s student ministry before the merge: Scott Wright of the Wesley Foundation,

Matt Slate of Crossroads Church and Craig Rush of Christ Community Church.

Wright said One welcomes college students from all denominational backgrounds to come together and worship God.

“The name One came from Jesus’ last prayer,” Wright said. “In the Bible, John 17:21-23 states, ‘I pray that they will all be one, just as you and I are one—as you are in me, Father, and I am in you. May they experience such perfect unity that the world will know that you sent me and that you love them as much as you love me.’”

One has only had three services so far, averaging 80 students in attendance. The services consist of praise and worship along with a 30-minute sermon and a prayer session

for those in need. The sermons consist of lessons about walking with God and the three directors alternate who gives the sermon each week.

Bryce Brunson, a sophomore psychology major, is a member of the Wesley Foundation who attends the One services faithfully every week. He said he loves meeting new people from every denomination.

One is awesome, just the idea of all the students

coming together to worship the same God,” Brunson said. “We’re all separate ministries, but we’re all seeing each other as one body of Christ.”

Brunson said he likes seeing people from different

religious backgrounds come together, and their differences do not matter because they are all there for the same reason: to worship God.

“I think it’s beautiful,” he said. “I love going and seeing and meeting new people who are on this campus who want to reach people just like I do.”

Members hope to expand to a more diverse denominational crowd in the future, bringing all types of people together. Rush said it is not about attendance as much as unity right now. He said the attendance will come but only when they first show unity.

“It’s sad, but even in the Christian world, we can get into a competitive mode, trying to see who can get the most attendance,” Rush said. “We’re trying to communicate that we’re all in this together. We serve the same God.”

The directors of One have had conversations with some of the other Christian organizations about possibly uniting with them in the future. One is the start of something that could grow across Tech, but this is only the beginning.

At the end of the day, Rush said all One wants to do is make sure all believers in God know they are not alone in their walk with God.

“Our biggest message we are trying to spread is that we all are believers in Jesus Christ,” Slate said. “We are all one body serving one Lord, one Savior. We have all been called by the same Spirit.”

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