Chill out, it’s Christmas

December 17, 2015





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You’d be forgiven, in this day and age, for being a little cynical about the world.


Refugee crises, economic meltdowns and religious hatred seem to be par for the course these days.


Being hit with these things all at once and almost constantly can bog you down.


It’s the time of year to let all that go for a few days, though.


Next week, people will celebrate the holidays with their families.


Some will go home, some will gather with friends and some will celebrate their first Christmas with their children.


Family traditions abound. Some fry turkeys, others open one present early on Christmas. Some families without chimneys leave gold keys on the door for Santa, others are given a ornament every year.


As for me, I’ll be taking part in my family’s time-honored tradition of eating way too much homemade Christmas candy and binge-watching “Harry Potter” on ABC Family (seriously, why do they play “Harry Potter” so much?).


I’ll also probably watch “Love Actually” half-a-dozen times or so.


If you don’t like “Love Actually,” we can take this outside.


While you’re celebrating, however, don’t forget the people who might not be as fortunate. The holidays should be a time where we come together.


Consider donating toys to programs like Toys for Tots (the Ruston branch is managed by the Junior Auxiliary), volunteering at a soup kitchen or donating money to organizations like the Salvation Army or the Catholic Charities.


If you’ve missed the deadlines for some of these projects, don’t worry. There’s always next year.


The concept of Christmas and the holidays as a magical time has been around since it began, and anything I could say has probably been said better by others.


So I’ll just say this, whatever holiday you celebrate, I hope it’s wonderful and magical and just as memorable as the old Christmas movies.


In times with so much negativity, the holidays are the time to let everything good in.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone.


John Sadler is a senior journalism major from Extention who serves as features editor for The Tech Talk.


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