Chi Alpha hosts Unheard event on student diversity

April 12, 2018



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On March 27, students gathered in the TONK to express their thoughts on racial diversity on  Louisiana Tech’s campus and in their lives outside of the university. The event, titled Unheard, was hosted by campus ministry Chi Alpha.


Nicole Graham, an intern with Chi Alpha, said Unheard was an event that was used by different Chi Alphas nationally.


“The purpose was to bring awareness and have the conversation about what we should do to make a change in our mindsets and make a change in the world around us,” she said. “We have to put our stories out there and be willing to listen to others’ stories to take the steps.”


A story exhibit highlighted the event, giving students the opportunity to share their past racial experiences by writing them down on paper with the option of signing their stories or leaving them anonymous.


“We really want people to see that they have a story, they have a voice and they have a part in bringing people together,” Graham said. “So for some people, the anonymous stories are really them taking a step and putting themselves out there, and then for others, the cards are them seeing that they have a story to share and they have a part.”


A few members of Chi Alpha took part in the event by later voicing their truths on race and diversity.


“I think this concept helps students because it is their peers that are sharing, but it also presents solutions that are obtainable,” Graham said. “Students want to see other students making movements towards something better; I’ve always seen that having a greater impact watching your peers step up.”


Graham said Chi Alpha will continue to put on events like Unheard on campus in the future.


“I really just like this event,” she said. “I love how we can meet new people in small groups and really talk about where we are on the topic and figure out together what we can do.”


Malorie Laporte, a junior family and child studies major and member of Chi Alpha, said Unheard served as a way to pinpoint different areas in daily life.


“We see that diversity needs to be a thing,” she said. “We believe there is unity in diversity.”


Laporte said it was the organization’s second year hosting the event.


“We didn’t do it to add membership to our organization or anything; we did it as a way of attempting to change the campus as one step at a time and how people see each other,” she said.


Chardonnay Boyd, a sophomore biology major, said she enjoyed hearing other people share their life experiences with each other.


“It kind of just puts it out there,” she said. “You do realize that there are people who have experiences that go unheard and that we kind of silence.”


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