Celebrity opinions: a solid foundation for our views?

May 26, 2017


In this ever-changing world there are always opinions, whether it be in favor of or not in favor of, people always share their thoughts. With outlets such as Facebook and Twitter, it is easier than ever to connect with people throughout the world and share views. Through this mix of conflicting and biased views, there are some voices heard louder than others.


Today, it seems that we are flooded with more and more opinions about the political world from people outside of the government. Whether it be a tweet from Katy Perry or an Emmy acceptance speech, we are constantly bombarded with the opinions of uninformed celebrities who believe their views are the only views.


Should we really be listening to celebrities when it comes to political opinions?


In the recent election, celebrities made their stands on many political points very clear, even when most were only interested in promoting themselves. Many celebrities have massive followings of impressionable young people who listen to and believe whatever they say.


One example of celebrities overstepping their knowledge and putting their blatantly disrespectful opinions into the world was Madonna’s speech at the Women’s March in January, where she admitted to repeatedly thinking of “blowing up the White House,” to which fans rallied and cheered her on instead of questioning her judgment and harsh words.


Celebrities today live in the Hollywood bubble. They don’t see what goes on in the everyday life of the average American. Celebrities focus their opinions to social issues when many Americans are just worried about when their next check will come.


Because of the spew of celebrity opinions, there has been a sort of political norm set within Hollywood. Those who do not fit the criteria are shunned and are looked down upon, when others who proudly boast of causing harm to the president or moving out of the country are glorified by both the media and fans.


In The Tech Talk’s opinion, we believe people should form their own opinions before listening to the opinions of uniformed individuals. Watch the news, read a newspaper and, find credible sources to provide you the information you need to make educated opinions. While Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat are great platforms for sharing ideas and opinions, they should not be your only source. Celebrities are good sources for what skincare item you want to purchase but not for the next President of the United States.


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