Catholic guilt

November 7, 2013


Multimedia Editor


When I first learned of the sexual abuse scandals involving priests, it was from a “South Park” episode that would probably make even a non-practicing Catholic blush.


As I grew from my sneaking to watch “South Park” days, the issue became more important to me.


I would hear someone who found out I was Catholic make a comment about priests molesting little boys and with each comment, the issue became a little more central to my life.


Towards the end of high school around my junior year, I began to become more interested in learning about different cases and trying to find an answer for myself and one I could tell others when they confronted me about the scandals.


I needed to find an answer or some sort of justification for why these priests committed such awful acts.


My search led me to a documentary about one of the cases called “Twist of Fate.” It was difficult to watch, but very insightful.


At that moment I realized the gravity of the situation.

From that moment my interest turned from trying to be an apologist to being an activist.


Not only an activist for those men and women betrayed by members of the clergy, but all young children who have been hurt sexually by an adult.


I watched the “South Park” episode again, and this time it was not as funny as the first time. It actually made me feel very sad.


There is a “Law and Order: SVU” episode in which some victims of molestation only want an apology from the men who hurt them; but all the men who hurt them are either dead or not all there mentally.


There is a bit of closure a lawsuit cannot bring.


That “SVU” episode and the “Twist of Fate” documentary made me realize what a lot of those priest abuse victims will never get. They have received money and pyschological help, but many will never receive an apology.


Raney Johnson is a junior journalism major from Shreveport who serves as multimedia editor for The Tech Talk. Email comments to rcj008@latech.


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