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November 1, 2012

Students take a stand on politics


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For those who have followed this year’s election, it may seem as though picking the next president would be more of a challenge than successfully swallowing a spoonful of cinnamon.



Though one’s home life may restrict a student’s political view through parental influence, a college atmosphere provides a free flow of ideas and information that may lead to a more unbiased political following.


Michael Ryan, a senior professional aviation major, said he tends to share his political beliefs with those of his family.


“My parents are Republican, so I guess that’s part of why I consider myself Republican, too,” Ryan said.


But sometimes the lines between the Republican and Democratic parties are unclear or cross over into the other, making distinguishing oneself as a party affiliate difficult.


Paul Douget, a junior history major, said he considers himself an independent because he prefers to look beyond the titles and concentrate more on the goals and potentials of the candidates.


“I believe it should be more about the person’s policy rather than his party affiliation,” Douget said. “I will probably vote for Mitt Romney, though, because I am unhappy with the current administration.”


He said he does not blame President Barack Obama entirely for the current conditions, saying some of the responsibility lies with bad advice from the administration as a whole.



Richard Robinet, a junior environmental science major, said he also considers himself an independent, though after watching the debates he believes he may vote for Obama.


“Obama just gives a straight answer to the questions,” he said.


Aaron Robertson, a sophomore Spanish major, said he watched the first couple of debates at home with his family, but found it difficult to maintain interest.


“We ended up changing the channel during the last debate,” Robertson said. “It just became really annoying with all the arguing.”


He said after watching the vice presidential debate he was particularly disappointed with the extreme unprofessional conduct of both Vice President Joe Biden and Rep. Paul Ryan.


Though a professional manner is to be expected from a man running for office, the debates really come down to the beliefs and policies each candidate represents and supports.


“I’m voting for Romney,” Robertson said. “I very much agree with where he stands on pro-life and I feel like Obama hasn’t followed through with his original promises.”


Senior Spanish major Paige Norris said though she is registered to vote, it is out of state so she will be casting her ballot in her hometown in Lucas, Texas.


Norris said in the first couple of debates, Romney looked promising and seemed like he was doing well but Obama performed better in the last debate.


No matter the display throughout the debates, she said she will be voting as registered; Republican for Romney.

“I like how he is a businessman,” Norris said. “That kind of person is important to fix the current debt crisis.”


While some people may feel as though electing one candidate or the other would have little effect on their daily life, Ryan said who he votes for may impact his future career in the field of aviation.


“I heard Obama wants to increase aviation flight fees,” Ryan said.


Aircrafts are already taxed with a fee to land at various locations, but Ryan said if more fees are implemented or new ones added, flying would become even more expensive and pilots might be less likely to fly to high-tax locations.


Though he calls himself a Republican, Ryan has considered looking into the Libertarian Party for a possible candidate.


“My friends and I joke about voting for Gary Johnson, just because he is not Obama or Romney,” he said.


No matter whom he casts a vote for, Ryan said he

believes Obama’s current status as president is enough to win the popular vote and allow him to continue his second term as president.


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