Career Center helps graduates transfer to professional life

May 10, 2012


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For many college students, going out into the working world can be as scary as the latest horror movie, but the Career Center is here to help.


Ron Cathey, director of career services said “Making that transition is a big deal,” he said. “For the most part, students have been students all their lives and maybe worked a summer job, but that’s not the same thing as full-time professional employment.”


Cathey said he works to help students in the transformation of going from college into the working world and said the transition can be frightening for many students because school has become their comfort zone.


Cathey and his staff try to prepare students for graduation and job searching.


“I often think that we’re one of the best-kept secrets on campus,” he said.


The center provides many tools students can use to prepare for graduation including two on-campus career fairs, seminars for dining etiquette and professional image, resume preparation and interview preparation.


Cathey said the staff at the Career Center goes above and beyond to help prepare students for their careers.


On April 14, the center co-sponsored a career fair in Shreveport which had 100 companies present.


“There’s nothing better than a career day for job hunting,” Cathey said. “Where else can you go and hand out 20 resumes in two hours?”


The center’s services will be expanded in the fall with a class for liberal arts students who are job searching and a new career management website.


Tiffany White, a senior business management major, said she used the Career Center to help find her future job as an assistant manager at Tower Loans.


“I’ve been using the Career Center a lot more than I ever have before in college,” she said. “I never thought the Career Center was a big deal, but I’ve been getting interviews through it. I actually got my job through the Career Center.”


The Career Center keeps a list year-round of all potential employers wishing to recruit Tech graduates.


White said the center’s website was the most helpful in helping her find a job.


“When you sign up for a career fair, you have to sign up for the Experience website,” she said. “Through that website, I get emails two or three times a week, and they host different jobs and tell you what jobs you might be interested in. I’ve gotten a lot of interviews through that website.”


Valessa Spratley, a senior chemical engineering major, said she is thankful for the opportunities she has gained through using the services provided at the career center.


“Through the career fairs, I was able to connect to different companies and get exposure into the industry,” she said. “I’m excited to see what the future holds for me in engineering.”


Spratley said the services offered through the Career Center have helped her at Tech and have prepared her for her future as a contact engineer for Exxon.


“I’ve used the career center, and I think it’s a really great tool,” she said. “I got both my internships and my full-time job through the Career Center. It’s a great resource for things you want to do during and after college.”


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