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May 9, 2013


Ansley Hughes from Super Water Sympathy sings during the nighttime lineup for Mayfest. – Photos by Derek J. Amaya

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The sun made a late, albeit welcomed, appearance at KLPI’s 13th annual Mayfest in Centennial Plaza last Friday.


This allowed students to shed their coats and umbrellas from the morning’s cold and wet weather in exchange for T-shirts either supporting KLPI or the bands that performed.


The music festival, sponsored this year by Roma’s Italian Bistro, brought support from Tech students and fans of the bands that performed for the event.


Kayleigh Rinehart, a former Tech student, said she enjoyed listening to some of the bands, particularly The Dubonauts.


“I was told by my friends I had to go because the music was good,” Rinehart said. “I also tie-dyed a T-shirt and just had a blast.


The T-shirt tie-dyeing was set up by Tech’s gay-straight alliance group, Prism.


Students watch on as the headline of Mayfest, Super Water Sympathy, performs. - Photo by Derek J. Amaya

The organization collaborated with KLPI for Mayfest, having worked together before, said Savannah Woods, who works at KLPI and is vice president of Prism.


“It was a combined effort since KLPI has bleached T-shirts in the past and Prism tie-dyes shirts,” said Woods, who was also Mayfest’s emcee.


Katie Nunnery, a junior English major and KLPI manager, said she was glad the weather was cooperative and they did not have to resort to holding the event elsewhere.


“We were prepared to move everything in to Tolliver if we had to,” Nunnery said.


Nunnery said she was glad everything worked out so KLPI could continue to do what it has been doing for thirteen years and that is showcase local talent while providing a fun time for students.


“Finals are coming up and we like to put this on for the students before they have to start them,” she said.


Jimmie Bryant, Lead singer of Prestor Jon, rocking out in front of the fans. – Photo by Derek J. Amaya

Around the plaza, students listened to live music provided by local bands like TOAST, Sargasso, GASHCAT and Irene & the Sleepers.


Many who attended were pleased with the lineup and glad to see some of the local musicians.


Sydney Bounds, a communication designs major, said she came to see her friend’s band, TOAST, perform.


“I’m friends with the drummer, Champy Gahagan, and I like to come out to support the local music scene,” Bounds said.


Bethany Rayborn, a former Tech student, said she also came to support her friends in the band Engine.


“I’m glad they have something like this on campus for these guys to play at,” Rayborn said. “It’s good for the students as well.”


Last to perform were Shreveport locals, Super Water Sympathy.


Lead singer Ansley Hughes said she was glad they could be a part of Mayfest.


“We’re happy to be here to perform on campus for y’all,” Hughes said.


Their performance was met with positive response from many students.


Taylor Michiels, a junior finance major, said he enjoyed every aspect of their performance.


“The vocals were beautiful, the music was great and the effects were insane for such a small stage,” Michiels said. “I was more than happy to purchase a CD after they played.”


Michiels said he had a blast at Mayfest and will definitely be attending next year.


“Hopefully there will be a bigger turnout,” he said.


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