Business students present research at economics conference

June 29, 2017


Six College of Business students participated in the Economics Scholars Program conference in Dallas, Texas. – Photo courtesy of Robert Blackstock

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Six Louisiana Tech students found themselves gaining both experience and recognition as they presented original research at the 11th annual Economics Scholars Program for Undergraduate Research March 31.


Mary Peshoff, Clayton Saxon, Nathan Gardner, Sarah Funderburk, Skylar Harbin and Jacob Dietz presented papers brought together as part of senior research classes in the College of Business. The papers covered topics including STDs and the number of churches, baseball negotiations, teen pregnancy and more.


The program, hosted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas and Austin College for undergraduates, offers students the opportunity to share and gain feedback on high-quality undergraduate research, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. The mainstay of the Economic Scholars Program is the conference itself, garnering attention from 34 universities from all over the United States this year, including Kansas State, Rice, Pace and University of Wisconsin.


Presentations are split amongst different categories with presentations of both papers and posters and discussion of the paper. Peshoff and Saxton were paper presenters and Gardner was the paper discussant. Gardner, Funderburk, Harbin and Dietz were all poster presenters at the conference.


Robert Blackstock, assistant dean of undergraduate programs in the College of Business, considered this a great opportunity for business students at Tech, pointing to the conference’s history of highlighting students.


“In fact, Dakota Oxford (16) presented last year and is now employed by the Dallas Federal Reserve Bank,” Blackstock said. “Administrators at the Fed note that participation in the Economic Scholars Program was a key component in their hiring decision.”


Excitement was shown by Tech presenters Skylar Harbin and Sarah Fundburk toward the experience gained by researching and displaying their work.


“The Economic Scholars Program gave me a greater appreciation and understanding of economic research,” Harbin said. ”Taking on this research project was a challenging yet worthwhile experience, and going to the conference has been one of the highlights of my time spent at Louisiana Tech.”


Others enjoyed the chance to network and meet other students interested in their fields as well as gain insight and feedback on business research being performed by other undergraduates from across the nation.


“The Economic Scholars Program conference gave me an opportunity to connect with like-minded students who value economic research and are passionate about their studies,” Funderburk said. “Sharing my data and hearing from other students challenged me to dive deeper into my own research. It was truly a fantastic experience.”


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