Business Insider ranks Tech No. 6 most underrated college in America

November 12, 2015



Staff Reporter | pdd010@ latech.edu


Among the various other national rankings Louisiana Tech has received this year, Business Insider released a list last month ranking Tech No. 6 among the 50 most underrated colleges in America.


According to Business Insider, this ranking was determined by comparing schools’ rankings on U.S. News & World Report rankings to mid-career salaries of graduates as determined by PayScale College Salary report.


Les Guice, president of Tech, said it is not very common for a public university of this size to show up on the U.S. News & World Report rankings.


“There is a lot of criteria that goes into that,” Guice said.


He said Tech is not going to show up on the list for doing the most research or producing the most graduates because of the size of the school.


“If you look at the productivity relative to our size,” he said, “that is when we show up.”


Guice said in order for Tech to continue to be ranked, it has to increase the number of students.


“That is why we have these goals to get to 15,000 students,” Guice said.


He said the school is planning for new housing and a new engineering building in an effort to compete with the rest of the universities on that ranking list.


“We’ve got a lot more things planned to get us to that point,” he said.


Guice said Tech has had other rankings in major publications ranking Tech high among categories like return on investment, value, least amount of college debt and affordability.


Alli Tran, a sophomore biology major, said she loves being a student at Tech.


“I’m happy Tech is receiving more recognition because in high school people questioned my decision to go to Tech,” she said.


Tran said she believes Tech deserves all of the national recognition for all of the hard work that has been put into making a great school.


“Just because we are a state school doesn’t mean we are any less like Harvard,” Tran said.


Pamela Ford, dean of enrollment, said Tech has continued to grow every year since the last time admission standards were raised.


“Every time you raise admission requirements, enrollment dips a little,” she said.


Ford said the last time admission requirements were raised was in the fall of 2012.


Although enrollment dipped, the quality of incoming students improved.


She said Tech is currently expanding recruiting beyond Louisiana in order to attract more students.


“We are getting more and more visitors on campus each year,” she said.


Eva Edinger, a junior biology major and former Miss Tech, said being a smaller school, Tech sometimes does not get the recognition it deserves.


She said more still needs to be seen and heard about Tech.


“Living in Ruston my whole life I’ve seen Tech grow over the years and I think we have moved up on the charts,” Edinger said.


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