Business booming in new CAB building

September 27, 2012

The new College of Business building opened this fall near the growing research park. - Photo by Shradha Bhandari


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Tech faculty and students will not have to tune into CNBC to find out how their stocks are doing. The new College of Business building has a state of the art ticker in the lobby.


The ticker is one of the many improvements that make the new College of Business building more enhanced than the last one.


“Very few business colleges in the nation, and certainly not in the state of Louisiana, have such a direct connection to Wall Street,” said Joe Pullis, professor of business communication.


Pullis said the ticker is not the only thing that makes the new building unique and one of the best in the nation.


“The new College of Business building also houses the Center for Information Assurance Digital Forensics Laboratory, one of only a very few information forensics labs in the United States that has been certified and accredited by the National Security Council,” he said.


The purpose of the forensics laboratory is to develop methods to defend the United States against cyber attacks from other countries, Pullis said.


Along with the new business building’s advancement in financial analysis and investing is the development of a better business education environment.


“The whole building is geared towards students,” said James Lumpkin, dean of the college of business.


He also said that the new building is a more professional than the old building.


“As a professional school we should look like one,” Lumpkin said.


Business students like Jessica Gordon, junior computer information systems major, agree with Lumpkin.


“The classrooms are more spacious than the old business building,” she said.


Along with better classrooms, the new building also has an improved computer lab.


“The printer was always broken in the old one.”


The faculty members are content with the new facilities as well.


“I believe most of the business faculty are enjoying their new facilities in the newly constructed business building,” Pullis said.


Other students who are not business majors but still take business classes also enjoy the new business building.


Senior aviation management major Guan Haynie enjoys the new classrooms better than the classrooms from last year.


“It’s more inviting,” Haynie said. “It looks like the atmosphere would allow you to learn better.”


Gordon said she also enjoys the classrooms.


“I like the tables, and the chairs are more comfortable,” Gordon said. “I focus better in the chairs.”


Along with better classrooms, the new building also has an improved computer lab.


“The printer was always broken in the old computer lab,” she said.


Gordon also said many of the computers would not work in the old computer lab, but the new lab does not have that problem.


Pullis said the old business building served its purpose longer than what it was meant to.


“What is now the old business building was built in 1965 and was designed to be a forty-year building, so it outlasted its expected duration by about seven years,” Pullis said.


Pullis said the new business building has already served as a tool to help the College of Business advance even more than it already has.


“Certainly, the new College of Business is several steps up from the 1965 building, and we – students, faculty, staff and administrators – are very thankful and appreciative for the new building,” Pullis said. “The movement reflects a tremendous amount of work and planning.”


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