‘Burning Sands’ exposes dangers of hazing

May 26, 2017


Before being accepted into the Lambda Lambda Phi fraternity, new members must survive grotesque and inhumane hazing known as Hell Week in the movie “Burning Sands.” – Netflix


Tiffany Wilkins
Staff Reporter | tmw048@latech.edu


The Netflix original movie “Burning Sands” showcases the gruesome insights on what goes on when hazing has reached its peak.


The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival on Jan. 24, 2017,  before being released by Netflix March 10.


The brothers of Lambda Lambda Phi are a fraternity organization that focuses on brotherhood, loyalty, compassion and scholarship.


Although that sounds perfect and the go-to fraternity, the process can either make you a Lambda brother or break your character.


In this fraternity, supposedly if you survive Hell Week and push through the abuse, you will become a real man and can encounter anything thrown at you.


The gut-wrenching acts of hazing in this movie include bruised ribs, unwanted sexual acts performed and being forced to eat dog food.


As a female, and a person who is not Greek,  I could not properly watch the movie without cringing or express my disdain to the actions being portrayed.


Putting students through brutal acts just to become a part of a generational organization defies what a true fraternity stands for: brotherhood and service to their community.


The director did a tremendous job in capturing his audience’s attention to how dangerous it is to haze students.


He emphasized how performing certain tasks in order to gain acceptance endangered every student who entered the process.


The guys endured spits to the face, being placed in a hot shower, making early morning food runs using their own money and so much more.


Yet in the end all of the hazing and mistreatment of these soon-to-be neophytes, only one could not make it through due to dying from a seizure.


This scene in particular brought rage, hurt, sadness and concern to my heart because it made me think: who else has suffered like this for some letters?


The process of joining an organization is to help  build a connection with those who are pledging with you as well as those who are already currently active in the organization.


You make new brothers or sisters who are going to be there for you for a lifetime and will have your back through any situation.


Hazing should not be a part of anyone’s mindset when wanting to accept new members to become their big brother or sister.


Although this was solely based on how these certain men conduct their processes, it is also apparent that sometimes women as well mistreat their own to test their faith, strength and loyalty to their sisters.


Brotherhood and sisterhood should come naturally through understanding one another’s strengths and weaknesses, not through abuse and terrified actions.


If you have to forcefully demand it, then it is not meant for you.


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