Burger Studio reigns supreme

September 25, 2011

Freshman chemical engineering student Kyle Rockwell designs his burger on Burger Studio’s touch screen ordering service in the Student Center, Main Floor. - Photo by Jessica Van Alstyne

Opening weeks show promise for new Student Center eatery

Staff Reporter

Students can officially have lunch their way thanks to the new Burger Studio located in the Student Center, Main Floor.


This latest addition to campus dining allows students to choose from a variety of fresh meats, cheeses and vegetables in order to receive a meal made to suit each individual.


Campus dining retail manager Angela McDonald said it was time for a change and that she believes students would enjoy something different.


“I’ve been here for 10 years, and I know that Burger King has been here for those same 10 years so it was kind of played out,” she said.


McDonald said Burger Studio not only brings a new look to the food court, but also an upgrade from Burger King.


“You have the kiosk where you get to build your own hamburger,” she said. “As with Burg- er King, it was this is the Whopper and this is how it’s supposed to be.”


Jeffrey Carter, a senior construction engineering technology major, said he likes how simple and convenient it is to make your own personalized order step by step.

“Burger King says you can ‘have it your way,’ but there really weren’t that many options,” he said.


Carter said he likes that Tech has brought so many new options to campus in the past few years because before you were eating the same thing over and over.
“Now you have the burger place, Chick- fil-A, salads, wraps and then you can walk to Tolliver and there are even more choices,” he said.


Chris Simpson, a senior kinesiology major, said when he came to Tech there were three options besides the cafeteria.


“I’m amazed at the progress Tech has made in the five years I’ve been here,” he said. Simpson said the best thing about Burger Studio is that you don’t have to deal anyone
when you order your food. “You tell them what you want instead of telling them what you don’t want,” he said. Simpson said doing it yourself is less of a hassle and there are no worries of miscommunication or receiving a wrong order. “They should be able to get your order right as long as they can read it on the screen,” he said. McDonald said the advantage of Burger Studio being an Aramark concept and not a franchise like Burger King allows the staff to prepare and present the food in a more casual manner.


“If Burger King says put mayonnaise on the top bun, you put it on the top bun,” she said. “With Burger Studio the students get to build the burger like they want, and there is no certain way the hamburger has to be made.”


McDonald said she is excited about the new look and fresh food Burger Studio brings to the campus.


“Even the bread is baked there every morning,” she said.


McDonald said although Burger Studio is new, she thinks it will outshine Burger King because of the freshness and business it has already shown in the first weeks of school.


“Since we’ve switched, the sales have in- creased from Burger King sales,” she said. “What we were doing in a week at Burger King, we have done in two days.”

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