Bulldogs prep for spring game

May 26, 2017

Head coach Skip Holtz addresses the team at a practice prior to the upcoming spring game at noon Saturday at Joe Aillet Stadium. – Photo courtesy of LA Tech Athletics


Dillon Nelson
Staff Reporter | djn005@latech.edu


Louisiana Tech’s football team practiced last Monday in what was the ninth of 15 total sessions of the spring football season.


Coming off the team’s first scrimmage of Spring Ball last Friday, this practice was in preparation for the Bulldogs first spring game coming up at noon Saturday. Several new recruits will make their debut with this game including: Davan Dyer (P), Brady Farlow (K), Randy Hogan (LB) and Kennedy Madison.


Skip Holtz, head coach, was spirited about the upcoming game. He said he is feeling cautiously optimistic about how well the team is doing so far.


“It is good to be back out here,” he said. “It is a great day to come out here and work, and I love the retention, the attitude and the effort.”


Holtz said the team has several issues it needs to work out, but the players are eager to prove themselves. He said the young players will benefit from sharpening their idea of the core ideals and components of the game.


“We keep talking about the process of what it takes to get better and what it takes to be a good football team,” he said. “We are still a long way from there right now and have a lot of moving parts that need to be answered before we get there, but I really like the work ethic, the attitude and the way things are starting to formulate out there.”


During spring workouts, the Bulldogs are working to patch up their defensive line after losing five starters this year.


Holtz said the remaining defensive players will need to keep up the pace they have set for training so far and continue to improve as a unit.


“I think we are getting better in some areas and putting a huge emphasis on being able to play fundamental football,” he said. “We have to get to the point where we can play base football, and we are getting better at that.”


Holtz said the return of running back Jaqwis Dancy after his fight against cancer has been a definite boon to the current lineup. He said it has been an inspiration to the other players so far.


“I think to get Jaqwis out here with everything he has been through was definitely an uplifting experience for our team to have him back out here,” he said.


Holtz said he and everyone else involved will need to be careful in re-training Dancy early on.


“He needs to come out here and be able to see the plays in full speed, but, at the same time, we have to get some weight back on him and get his feet completely underneath him before we really throw him into it full swing,” he said.


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