Bridge to Bulldogs branches to BPCC

May 8, 2014


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A Louisiana Tech Bulldog is something many high school students dream to become, but the road to Tech is easier for some than others.

As a result, Tech has partnered with Bossier Parish Community College to help make that dream a reality for students.

Bridge to Bulldogs is a program designed to help high school students who fall short of Tech’s admissions standards by offering them another route to campus.


Melanie Peel, director of students in transition, said Bridge to Bulldogs is about converting applicants into admits and, ultimately, enrolled students.


“We have many applicants who miss Tech’s requirements by a couple of points – over 300 this year alone,” Peel said. “Our goal is not to lower our standards but follow our research that indicates students who perform well in high school, but may not test well, can be very successful at universities like Tech.”

Pamela Ford, dean of enrollment management, said Bridge to Bulldogs is a selective program, inviting only those students who have a core GPA of 2.5 and who have performed well on the ACT exam but missed the required targets by a couple of points.

Peel said the invitation process is selective.

“Bridge to Bulldogs is a selective, invitation-only program,” Peel said. “The last thing we want to do is set students up to fail. We are not extending invitations to students who don’t meet a specific criteria.”

Peel said students who are invited to the program will be part of the Tech family and will experience what Tech is like while taking BPCC courses.

“Students will absolutely be a part of the Tech family,” Peel said. “The Bridge to Bulldogs students will spend all of their time on campus at Tech by taking their BPCC courses here in Ruston, living on campus and participating in programs at Tech. In many ways, these students will have a jump on their fall quarter because they will have already established themselves before September classes.”

Although this is Tech’s first year to offer the program, Ford believes it will be a success.

“We are excited to offer this opportunity to several hundred high school seniors who have expressed interest in being a Louisiana Tech Bulldog,” Ford said. “On a first-come, first-served basis, we will accept up to 100 students in the program this summer.”

While many students who apply for admission are ultimately declined, Peel said the admissions department is aware there are a number of students who choose not to apply at all.

“Our other hope is that students who may not have applied will consider doing so knowing special programs like the Bridge to Bulldogs could make their dream of becoming a Bulldog a reality,” Peel said.


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