Brakeville elected to Board of Regents by COSBP

May 16, 2014

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Louisiana Tech SGA president Maggie Brakeville was elected Monday by the Louisiana Council of Student Body Presidents to represent the group on the state Board of Regents.

“My goal will focus on letting the student voice be heard,” said Brakeville, a senior agriculture business major. “I want to make sure that students of all types are considered in the decisions we make this term.”

COSBP meets each year in Baton Rouge to elect its leadership and the group’s representatives to the state’s four higher education governing boards. 

Brakeville said she was excited to be elected by her peers and commissioned by Governor Bobby Jindal to serve on the board for this year’s term.

The Louisiana Board of Regents coordinates Louisiana’s 34 public colleges, universities and professional schools and serves as the state liaison between them. They are responsible for setting statewide standards, including minimum admissions requirements.

In a press release from the Board of Regents, Dr. Tom Layzell, senior adviser to the board, said he was pleased to work with Brakeville.

“It is very important for students to have a voice in the development of policy for higher education,” Layzell said. “We are pleased to have Ms. Brakeville serve on the board, representing students from across the state.”

Brakeville’s term on the board starts June 1 and ends March 31, 2015. During that time, she will be a part of selecting the new Commissioner for Higher Education in the state of Louisiana. Brakeville said her plan is to ensure students get the best out of their education by working with school budgets and student fees.



In a separate press release, UL System President Sandra Woodley noted the importance of allowing the state’s student presidents to serve in leadership roles that influence their many peers in universities across the state.

“These student leadership positions are important,” Woodley said.  “They give us a direct channel to the students while developing Louisiana’s future leaders.  I could very well end up working for one of these students in the near future.”

Brakeville said she would like to translate her ideas on the board to her duties as Tech’s new SGA president. Being open, remaining honest and staying transparent as an organization are all goals she said she needed to be focused on in her time as president. 

Brakeville also said she would like to work with other campus organizations to help improve the SGA’s image with students and organizations. 

“Everyone here leaves their own ‘paw-print’ on Louisiana Tech,” Brakeville said. “No matter what we do as students, we are always striving to improve the university, the community and the world. Louisiana Tech will always be a part of who we are, no matter where the world takes us.”

Brakeville said she believes that what she will be doing in her final year at Tech will help benefit the university in the future, and said she is looking forward to the contributions she will have the opportunity to make in her role as SGA president and member of the Board.

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