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December 20, 2013




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Many Tech students know about the successes of the men’s basketball team, but few know about the recent success of the women’s bowling team.


The bowling team recently came in third place at the Hornet Classic tournament in Montgomery.


“I was actually really proud about the team’s performance,” said Kay Rawls, junior. “This is the first year since I have been at Tech that we have come out a team. It doesn’t help if you cannot work as a team.”


Rawls said she was also happy with her performance.


Coach Miles said he was proud of the team of three new freshman and two veteran players.


“The girls are doing extremely well especially seeing that there are five girls on the team,” Miles said. “They are doing it with five girls with no substitutes.”


He said most teams have seven to eight players on a team.


“They are focused and they are team players,” Miles said.


Freshman Shelby Smith said the team did well considering they have three freshmen on the team and only five girls. However, Smith said she does not feel any pressure having to play with a small team or as a freshman.


Smith said she is looking forward to the team’s next tournament in Jonesboro, Ark.


2012 Bowling Team


“It’s going to be the biggest one we have been to so far,” she said. “It is going to be a learning experience definitely because a lot of the big teams are going to be there.”


Miles said he hopes for the team to go on and win more tournaments.


“My goal is to eventually to try and have a team that goes to the NCAA tournament,” Miles said.


He said bowling teams have to qualify for the NCAA tournament by the number of points for each game.


“It is kind of hard because some of the biggest universities go to more tournaments than we do,” Miles said.


Miles said he is anticipating their next tournament to have 16 to 18 teams play.


“I am expecting to get in the top half of the tournament,” he said.


Senior Nichole Wilson said she does not expect anything less than the last tournament.


“We did very well at our last tournament, of 11 teams we made third,” she said.




Wilson said Coach Miles is one of biggest reasons for the team’s success.


“He is the main reason this team has turned around,” she said.


Wilson said Miles has helped acquire new equipment for the team, fix old equipment and find sponsors for the team.


“He knows a lot about the sport and he has passed that on to us,” Wilson said.


Shelby said she likes the approach Coach Miles uses to make the team better.


“When ever we go to practice, he always tells us we are not doing something wrong. He tells us it is something we can tweak,” she said.


Rawls said Miles coaches each girl differently.


“If you have a question about ‘why the ball did this,’ he can tell you,” she said. “He doesn’t even have to blink to tell you what went wrong in that moment.”


Rawls said she thinks Tech should expect pretty great thing from this team because of the team finishing in the top percentage in the last tournament.


“When you are winning like that, people can’t help but talk about it,” Rawls said.


Wilson said she hopes the team keeps getting more recognition.


“When I first got to Tech, the bowling team wasn’t very big,” she said. “Now in my fourth year, people know we have a team. I am glad that could happen in my fourth year.”


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