#BOOBMENT: Twitter’s newest craze arrives at Tech

February 21, 2013

Staff Reporter


The name of the administrator of @LaTechBoobs has been omitted from this article to protect him from any future professional ramifications.


In July 2012, @TotalTechMove became part of the twitterverse, but now it has evolved into an account known as @LaTechBoobs.


A multitude of university boob accounts have been surfacing on Twitter. They appear to share the common theme of incorporating breast in photos to show their school spirit.


“The @LaTechBoobs account is purely for fun,” Guy, (an alias for) the administrator of the @LaTechBoobs account, said. “I would like to think it is something the student body at Tech can find humor in with a touch of creative school spirit.”


Guy, a junior biology major, said Twitter has replaced Facebook and students should be on it if they are not.


“I think that trying to rouse up some student participation in any way is a positive thing,” he said.


“Combining those two ideas with the recent explosion of the #boobment, started by @KUboobs, created a perfect place for @LaTechBoobs to enter our newsfeeds here at Tech.”


The #boobment is not all about boobs though—it is about school pride, he said.


“Being able to show some spirit by doing something outside of the box sounds like something people at this school can get behind,” Guy said.


Not all students feel the same way as Guy, however.


Catherine Dale, a junior geographic information science major, said the account makes her feel uncomfortable.


“I think it is dumb for someone to have thought to make such an account in the first place,” she said. “It’s annoying for us girls because for the most part that is not something we want to put focus on, especially on social media.”


Dale said she is aware that it is just for fun, but it could get taken too far if people are not careful.


“I followed the account that it was before they changed it,” she said. “If I cared enough I probably would have noticed it before now.”


Guy said the account is in no way meant to be offensive.

“It is clearly stated that it is not for promoting nudity nor intended to degrade women,” he said.


“Honestly, I think it is something women should appreciate because @LaTechBoobs doesn’t discriminate, whether you’re short, tall, big or small, you can show a little school spirit.”


Ryan Mitchell, a senior accounting major, said he thinks the account could create mixed emotions among women.


“Some girls may see it as degrading to women but others may see it as a form of motivation to change their lives for the better,” he said. “This is a ‘to each her own’ kind of situation.”


Mitchell said he thinks the account exudes a positive aspect about Tech.


“I think it says that Tech lets people be who they are,” he said. “It does not try to steer them one way or the other.”


Kentucky University and University of Missouri both have really popular “boob” Twitter accounts, he added.


“@LaTechBoobs is just a byproduct of large universities which is what Tech strives to be,” he said. “I think the account will eventually catch on.”


Guy said if a student disagreed with the account that his suggestion is not to follow it.


“I aim to avoid being viewed as a negative account,” he said. “@LaTechBoobs means no harm toward anyone or their beliefs.”


He said the account is there to support the students and promote school spirit in a creative way.


“Tech may be a small school, but we have a fun student body that should enjoy a humorous account such as @LaTechBoobs,” Guy said.


Sam Speed, assistant dean of student life, said social media such as Twitter have changed the way students communicate and interact with one another.


“It’s like a lot of other things, it just depends on the context of it and how it is being used,” he said. “There are the positives, as far as connecting with individuals and enhancing communication in some ways but then the negative is it is degrading communication in other ways.”


Speed said he hopes students are cognizant of the ramifications of the things they are posting on these social media sites.


“I think accounts such as @LaTechBoobs are slightly humorous,” he said. “Those who create them just have to know how far is too far.”


His hope is that students do not actually post to the account and keep their body parts private, he added.


Guy said @LaTechBoobs as far as he is aware has received zero public complaints on Twitter since it evolved.

“It has gotten a bunch of mentions and a whole lot of new followers,” he said. “It is perfectly legal and adheres to Twitter’s policies.”


He said he discourages any inappropriate activity and supports the closure of accounts that partake in the activities or break the policies.


Currently, @LaTechBoobs has 566 followers.


“Ladies and gentlemen, embrace the #boobment, love the #boobment, and spread the #boobment,” he said. “Follow and tweet us at @LaTechBoobs.”


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