‘Beauty and the Beast’ hits and misses fans’ expectations

March 25, 2017

Emma Watson and Dan Stevens bring Disney’s classic animated movie “Beauty and the Beast” to life in live-action remake. – Walt Disney Pictures and Mandeville Films

Imani Coleman
Staff Reporter | itc002@LaTech.edu


Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” live-action remake received mixed reviews during its opening weekend.


The movie has been rewritten with some modern story     lines and has left some critics angry.


However, as the movie begins and the first song plays, the movie will instantly take you back to your childhood.


Watching the film with my popcorn and soft drink, I immediately felt like the kids who had taken over the theater, anxious to see if this version of the classic would live up to expectations or fall flat.


Emma Watson was truly a pleasure as Belle; she embodied the character and made it her own and for the new generation.


I believe she did the classic role true justice through her singing and acting.


The Beast, played by Dan Stevens, was also an interesting character to watch, and the visuals including his outward appearance brought the film to the 21st century.


Many of the songs keep the storyline flowing and have the pop song effect that leaves you humming the song hours after you’ve seen the movie.


The costumes and also the place setting immediately also takes you back to VCR movies in the ‘90s.


It also makes you reminisce about how long it’s been since you’ve watched a Disney classic.


For the first hour the movie seemed to touch all the right angles, making the movie quaint, but not exactly exciting.


The lack of excitement fizzled when an infamous scene filled the screen.


The scene includes Gaston, played by Luke Evans, and LeFou, played by Josh Gad.


The scene entails LeFou being excessively touchy and public of his true feelings for Gaston.


For the sake of this review I began researching and I found that Lefou was meant to be Disney’s first openly gay character.


The writers included his sexuality so subtly that it makes the scene hard to understand, and also the modern storyline does not seem to fit in the context of the story.


In fact, I never would have guessed LeFou was intended to be a  gay character.


Instead I believe I would of mostly been confused by the meaning of the scene, and if his behavior was just due to his quirkiness.


The scene has angered plenty and is also being boycotted by some.


On a more positive note, the film also included interracial couples.


I believe this modern twist is a positive step for our nation and how we view race relations.


I also believe the diversity of the film should be celebrated and that the overall depiction was a good modern remake that is worth viewing.


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