Beach House: “Depression Cherry”

September 24, 2015



Depression Cherry

Depression Cherry


The long wait for Beach House to release another album is finally over, and “Depression Cherry” was well worth the wait.


The dream pop duo’s newest album seems to symbolize the different changes we as humans go through as we enter seasons in our lives.


Holding the same bittersweet and somewhat melancholy tone, yet strong voice vocalist Victoria Legrand pulls listeners into a dreamlike state, as the songs seem to invoke a sense of fond memories.


Along with Alex Scally, the two execute their musical vision, lyrics and sound perfectly. “Depression Cherry” really could metaphorically be the cherry on top of the band’s previous albums “Devotion”, “Teen Dream” and “Bloom.”


Even though the guitar and keyboard sound very similar to “Bloom”, the songs hold a more upbeat and tight tempo as Legrand and Scally have fine-tuned their sound.


This band has always opened up and allowed their fans to truly see what they see, feel what they feel and get a glimpse of their life through the good and bad experiences.


Each song seems to pull at a different heartstring, as they illustrate the various human emotions, such as heartbreak, depression and euphoria.


The title itself “Depression Cherry”, seems to represent a season in life of finding love and losing it.


Opening with the song “Levitation” the band seems to reflect on the past and the beginning of a lost relationship. The lyrics end with,  “there’s a place I want to take you,” which is a truly beautiful way to begin an album as it really does take you.


Moving on to “Wildflower”, the seventh song on the album, delves deep into the human consciousness.


“You built a city all in your head,” describes the safe place in the mind people may go to during the dark times in their life. This song reminds people even through the sadness there is hope and reminds them to live life day to day.


Beach House has always been able to hit their listeners very soul with their music. But different from their previous album, Bloom which seemed more explorative and held a happier tone.


With “Depression Cherry” Beach House has really established themselves and have also encouraged fans to access their deepest emotions with their lyrics.


They have even set up a website solely for the new album, depressioncherry.com, as an interactive CD case where the lyrics to each song are available.


Although hesitant at first to what they would bring to the table, this truly did a tremendous job and yet again leaves the listener with more than their music.


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