BCS busted the last time

December 20, 2013




Sports Editor


The 2013 college football season is nearing its end, and with it the end of an era.


The Bowl Championship Series will showcase its final round of games before it gets sacked for the new College Football Playoff.


Widely criticized over the past years, the BCS’s formula for determining the national championship teams with computers and polls was deemed ineffective and usually resulted in mass griping and complaining from large chunks of the nation.


However, while many fans are praising the new playoff system to be implemented, how much of a difference will it make?


First, it will add the aforementioned playoff format so desperately desired by many. In the process, it will allow two more teams the right to play into the national championship game. Both of these items have been on the wish list for college football fans for so long.


What the new system does not clearly solve is the part where they decide just who gets that last playoff spot.


With 125 teams competing for one of two spots in the BCS National Championship Game one of the biggest criticism was that the team sitting in third place, the team left out of the championship, probably deserved to go.


So does that mean the fifth place team next year will not be upset they did not get a chance to compete for the national championship, because at least they were not in third place and left out?


The BCS had its flaws, nobody will argue with that, but the BCS also gave way to some fantastic games.


The 2007 Fiesta Bowl featured one of the greatest ending to a college football game ever when Boise State defeated Oklahoma. Utah defeated Alabama by 14 in the 2009 Sugar Bowl when Alabama was a 10 point favorite.


One of the largest upsets in BCS history happened in last year’s Sugar Bowl when a 3rd ranked Florida that was 13 1/2 point favorites got upset by a 21st ranked Louisville.


The BCS gave David a chance to fight Goliath. And more often than not, David won.


Tech was hoping, and had a chance, to crash the BCS not too long ago believe it or not. Aspirations so high may have to wait a little while for Bulldog fans.


It may take us a few years to produce a top four team with dreams of crashing the party.


Chad Merritt is a senior journalism major from Livingston. Email comments to cam059@latech.edu.


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