Ballard’s Ballads rock The Revelry

November 14, 2016


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Frankie Ballard pumps up the crowd during his performance at The Revelry. Photos by Colin Fontenot.

Frankie Ballard pumps up the crowd during his performance at The Revelry. Photos by Colin Fontenot.


Louisiana Tech students and Ruston community members packed the floors of The Revelry of Ruston in anticipation of the night’s concert.


Frankie Ballard took the stage at The Revelry Nov. 4 and serenaded the crowd with country hits such as “Young & Crazy” and songs from his new album, “El Rio.”


Bailey Castille, a sophomore English major, said The Revelry created a unique concert experience.


“I think the outdoor feel adds to the very country atmosphere, and so do all the wood and barn-like qualities of it,” she said. “I think it lends itself to country music more than some other types of music.”


Castille said she had grown up listening to country, and although she listened to other genres, country music remained a favorite. She said she was excited to see Frankie Ballard perform live.


“I love country music, I love Frankie Ballard and his songs and what else is there to do on a Friday night?” she said.


Castille said she was looking forward to hearing “Sunshine & Whiskey” and “Started with a Beer.”


“They’re just catchy and ‘Started with a Beer’ is so romantic,” she said.


Res Clayton, a sophomore mechanical engineering major, said The Revelry is a distinctive hangout for Tech students.


“It’s The Rev, and everybody knows it — everybody who goes to Louisiana Tech,” he said.


Clayton said he does not frequent The Revelry often, but he usually attends when there is live music and a concert atmosphere available.


“It’s the friends, the music — just getting to be outside,” he said.


Alex Eddy, one of the owners of The Revelry, said concerts held at the venue have the goal of bringing more entertainment choices to the population of Ruston.


“Whether it be a date night or a night out with friends, it’s just more options and things to do in Ruston,” he said. “That’s us trying to do our part.”


Eddy said they sought out artists like Frankie Ballard who would bring energy and a wide audience to The Revelry.


“We try to pick artists who will appeal to everybody, not just one demographic,” Eddy said.


He said a main goal of The Revelry’s owners was to create a destination that suited the city’s needs.


“It’s just something that we’ve tried to tackle not just to own it to own it, but make it ours,” he said. “So we try to be in touch with what we think everyone wants from us within reason, and we do everything we can to make it accessible and fun.”


Eddy said he moved from New Orleans to Ruston to be part of the bar’s ownership.


“I moved up here to do this, and it’s something we’ve fully embraced and something we really take seriously,” he said. “We’re very hands-on for a reason, and we try to be in touch with our client base.”


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