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October 25, 2013


Alejandra Aviles poses post game with her teammates. – Photo courtesy of Tech Media Relations

Alejandra Aviles poses post game with her teammates. – Photo courtesy of Tech Media Relations

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Sometimes life takes a different path and that is exactly what happened for this Lady Techster volleyball player.


Alejandra Aviles is a 17-year-old freshman volleyball player at Tech who traveled from San Juan, Puerto Rico, to pursue the sport she loves so much.


Aviles said she enjoys Tech because of the beautiful campus and how different it is from her hometown.


“Tech is so much safer than where I come from,” Aviles said. “I love how nice everyone is and how pretty the scenery is here.”


Aviles said San Juan is not a safe place and looks nothing like Ruston.


“In San Juan, you would not be able to walk from the campus apartments to campus because it is not safe,” she said. “Also there is trash on the streets, so being here is very nice compared to being there.”


Aviles played on a 20 and under (20U) team in Puerto Rico earlier this year.


Aviles said playing with older players has made her not only a better player but a better person.


“Hearing mature people talk about the game helped me mature in my game,” she said. “Playing with older players was very hard but they helped me gain experience and I am glad I had the opportunity to have that experience.”


Aviles said even though she was playing on a 20U team the competition here is tougher than in Puerto Rico.


“It is more challenging here because every match you have to compete very hard,” she said. “In Puerto Rico it was not like that because every team was not as good as the teams here.”


Aviles said it was difficult leaving her family behind after so many years of being together.


“Being away from my mom, sister and grandma is very hard since I have never done that before,” she said.


“Leaving everything behind is hard but it is helping me mature and I am doing things that I never thought I would do.”


The first time she visited Tech last year she felt at home, she said.


“The girls were really nice to me when I first came last year,” she said. “I really liked the coach and his style of coaching.”


Aviles said Coach Adriano de Souza played a big part in her attending Louisiana Tech.


“Coach de Souza was the main reason I came to Tech,” Aviles said. “He is a really good coach and I like how motivating he is to our team.”


Aviles said overall Tech was a great choice for her.


“The coaches and teachers have been so helpful since I have gotten here,” she said. “People here are nice and care about you so I am really glad that I chose to come here.”


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