Are colleges too politically correct?

December 18, 2014


Well-known comedian Chris Rock has stated that he will no longer visit college campuses because he finds them too “conservative.”


Rock has been in the comedy industry for many years and has visited a number of colleges throughout the years, but he is not happy with the feedback he has received recently.


Known for more of his mature and racy comedy, Rock said he believes many students are becomingoffended by what he says.


While deeming colleges too conservative is not the correct term, but students are definitely aware of what crosses the line.


This is definitely not a bad thing and while Rock may be offended because students have not responded well to his comedy lately, it is because students may be starting to take issues very seriously.


Rock said this is because students are too scared to offend anyone and makes this seem like a bad thing. He said because of this, his jokes are not effective on college students anymore.


Comedians have the right to say what they want without having to be scared of offending anyone, within reason. Colleges and universities also have the right be concerned and socially aware.


If Rock no longer wants to tour colleges because he believes he will no longer receive the reaction he wants, he is entitled to do so. He should not be frustrated with students for their views though.


Rock also is wrong for using the term “too conservative” when referring to colleges today.


He said they are not politically, but socially conservative.


“Not in their political views – not like they’re voting Republican — but in their social views and their willingness not to offend anybody,” Rock told New York Magazine.


By “socially conservative,” he seems to mean students are going out of their way not too offend anyone. The example he uses is they even ignore race altogether.


Colleges really have not become more conservative, but more progressive.


If colleges begin to lose comedians, such as Rock, because of this new way of viewing society, then this can only show students’ minds are set on something else.


Maybe this means students have become more aware of the fact that certian things should not be the butt of jokes.


It is not like college students completely lack a sense of humor. Just because Rock thinks so does not mean this is true. Of course students enjoy a good laugh, but there are certain things to be laughed at and not to be.


Rock may see his comedy as a way to lighten the mood and make people feel better about certain issues by turning them into jokes. Maybe this way of thinking in comedy is starting to become unpopular because it is no longer funny.


Whether students enjoy his acts or not, Rock will still remain popular and maintain an audience. Because he chose to no longer tour campuses, he is only hurting himself by losing this audience.


This could be viewed as a good thing because of the stance college students are taking on issues. Students can still see Chris Rock’s comedy acts, just not on their own campus.


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