School of Art open doors for student Showcase

February 18, 2009

by Donyelle Davis

Tech’s School of Art is preparing for its annual “School of Art Student Exhibit” scheduled for April 15.

Jonathan Donehoo, director of the School of Art, said the objective of the exhibit is to present the best artwork from the department.

“[The exhibit] is for everyone on and off campus to see what our students are doing,” Donehoo said. “If you ever wonder what goes on [in the department], this is your chance to see what we do. The students also begin to understand how to exhibit their work.”

Donehoo said the artwork being submitted is from all areas of the art department and will be judged by an outside juror in order to eliminate any bias.

“We alternate between different programs providing the juror,” Donehoo said. “This year the photography program brought the judge in. The artwork will be judged by David Taylor this year.”

Donehoo said the pieces for the exhibit will be determined Feb. 17, at which time the students will be notified whether their artwork was chosen to be displayed.

“Everyone can’t make it. The students were aware when they entered their work that it would be competitive,” Donehoo said. “For those students whose work is not chosen, hopefully, it will challenge them to do better next time. They can look at the pieces that made it and can see what they could possibly work on.”

Dustin McGiluray, a graduate student of ceramics, said the role of the graduate students in the department is to collect the students’ artwork and make sure the paperwork is filled out correctly.

“There is some really nice work here,” McGiluray said. “I’m able to enjoy the artwork while helping [the students] try to get their work submitted.”