MISCHIEVOUS ME: Change comes for us all

May 12, 2010

by Kathleen Duncan

No one really likes changes, least of all me. It took me two years to get my lip piercing, and then another year to decide to take it out.

College and jobs are a lot like that. You spend four years learning something and devoting your life to forming a career when you graduate, and change naturally descends upon your life.

After three years, five managers, several changes in co-workers, countless difficult customers and a few silly memories, change has come to my life once again. My employer, Movie Gallery, will be closing its doors and liquidating its assets.

I was extremely blessed with this job. I have had the ability to transfer from the store here in Ruston to the store in my hometown in the summer and the school year, something most wouldn’t be able to do.

Two weeks before the announcement, I made the decision to turn in my resignation. Normally I would only do this for the summer and transfer to the store in my hometown, but in the fall there will be no job waiting for me. The announcement from the corporate office came as no surprise.

Change is something every college student has to come to terms with. When we begin as freshmen, we have to learn to deal with new-found independence. We meet new people, make new friends and learn new schedules. As we progress through our years in college, we learn to deal with different changes, and at the end of our journey here we graduate – the biggest change in our educational career.

College is the transition between high school and the real world. Once we leave here, life is no longer about getting the grades or having the party of our life. It’s about surviving, living and providing for ourselves. We no longer worry about the jobs we’ve had while here; we begin to worry about a career.

If you are like me, change scares the bejeezus out of you. There are some who welcome change, I’m not really into it except in the most extreme cases.

For students graduating this spring, change is rapidly coming. Some will choose to stay and complete master’s degrees, others will choose to begin their careers. Those choosing to continue their education through a graduate program have yet another change, another decision to make.

My close friend, Amanda Warner, is set to graduate from University of Louisiana at Monroe in the fall, and she is trying to decide where to attend graduate school.
No matter what she chooses, she will be away from her family, away from her sister and away from her close knit of friends. It will be a big change in her life, but one she welcomes whole-heartedly.

Change isn’t something I really welcome, but I respect those who accept change with grace. Lord knows I don’t always accept it gracefully.

Kathleen Duncan is a junior journalism major from Bastrop who serves as senior news editor for The Tech Talk. E-mail comments to mkd009@latech.edu.