BCM?replants its roots

January 26, 2011

by Amber Guyotte, COPY EDITOR

After nearly two years of holding temporary residence in The Kennel, the Baptist Collegiate Ministry finally moved into its new, permanent home earlier this month.

The BCM was forced to uproot its ministry when the property the building was on was bought out by eminent domain for the expansion of Enterprise Campus, Tech’s developing research park.

Kevin Inman, director of the BCM, said he is grateful and relieved to have the new building completed.

“It’s been a long, challenging experience that I’ve been dealing with for four years,” Inman said. “We’ve needed a new BCM for more than 20 years. We’ve had so much support from churches, alumni and friends of the BCM, and we were so blessed to sell our land, find and buy new land near campus and raise the money to build a really nice facility.”

He said a new facility was much needed and appreciated for the ministry’s activities.

“The old building was in really bad shape,” he said. “I had a waterfall in my office every time it rained. We have more space for large group and small group gatherings. Our new chapel is very nice for everything we do – Tuesday lunch and worship and Monday and Thursday discipleship groups.”

Carly Hill, a junior nutrition major, is involved in the BCM’s outreach team, which is responsible for organizing events like Burgers in the Quad to reach students on campus. 

She said she is glad the new building is now available for the enjoyment of others.

“It’s nice to finally have a more permanent, comfortable place to hang out and worship in,” Hill said. “The new building is spacious and has a friendly atmosphere. There are upstairs study lofts, a couch area with a fireplace, a coffee area and even an area to watch TV. The chapel is probably the largest part of the building, which is most appropriate. There is now plenty of room to worship, have Tuesday Soul Food and to hang out without being crowded.”

Hill said the location and size upgrade are important for the outreach of the ministry.

“The new building is important because it provides a bigger, more comfortable place for students to come and hang out and just share life with one another,” she said. “Hopefully, it will attract people in the apartment area who may be curious as to what it is and what the BCM is all about, which is sharing the love of Christ on our campus and in the world. I think the building’s size and friendliness will draw students in as well.”

Andy Carter, a junior computer information systems major, runs media for the Tuesday night worship service and manages the organization’s website. He said the BCM is grateful to the university for allowing them to occupy a space in the center of campus, even though there were disadvantages.

“We were very happy that Tech let us use The Kennel while we were in between buildings, but it was hard for small groups to meet there because of the open floor plan,” Carter said. “We have a kitchen now, and I’m sure the staff is ready to have an actual office for themselves instead of one consolidated office space.”

He also said he hopes the new building will be used for God’s glory and to its full compatibility. Inman said the new building plays an important role in the organization’s outreach opportunities.

“The new building gives us a platform to reach out to the campus and to operate our ministry in a more effective way. It is the best place we could be for the future. Residential life is moving all around that area. There are not many places close to campus to be purchased and we got one.”

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