SGA checks eligibility

March 26, 2009

by Danielle Cintron

Student Government Association election packets were handed in March 24.

The new candidates will be processed over the next week, and on March 31, those who are eligible to run for office will begin campaigning.

Laura Hogan, SGA president and a senior English major, said SGA has changed the election process this year.

“Last year we had people campaigning before we determined whether or not they were eligible to run for the position,” Hogan said.

“This year we aren’t allowing the campaigning to start until a week after we receive the packets. This will give us time to look through and make sure everyone is able to run for office.”

She said the idea is really about keeping the campaign fair.

“It’s not fair to have someone start campaigning and spend a lot of money and then it turns out they aren’t eligible,” Hogan said.

She also said SGA is inviting the candidates to the First Friday event in Railroad Park April 3.

“It’s just something fun for them to do,” Hogan said.

Ashlee Clark, SGA commissioner of election and a graduate student of English, said approximately 60 people were expected to attend the election packet meeting.

“We expected a wide variety of people to show up,” Clark said. “Some are already in SGA, and others are running for the first time.”

She also said there are candidates running for every position.

“There are very few positions have only one person running.” Clark said. “This year is looking very promising as far as candidates.”