Nepal Nite imparts culture

March 25, 2009

by Tina-Marie Alvarenga

Tech’s community jumped continents Saturday night through the Namaste Nepal Association’s third annual Nepal Nite. “Yaatra, A Journey to Nepal,” was the night’s themed event as NNA performed songs, skits, traditional dances and a fashion show, where guests were able to experience Nepali traditions.
Nepal, which stands for Never Ending Peace And Love, is a nation located south of China and north of India; over 130 of Tech’s students are from Nepal.
Bishal Basnyat, a senior biomedical engineering major, said he and his peers want to share the Nepali culture with American people.
“Culture is a very important thing,” he said. “You can expand your horizon by meeting new people of different cultures.”
Monika Bastola, a chemical engineering major, said Nepal went through a lot of social changes in the last year, but she still wants to share her country with others.
“Despite all the changes, we gather to celebrate the beauty of diversity within unity,” she said. “Here at Tech, we live as Tech students, but we still want to engage in our own cultural activities native to our country.”
Nepal night consisted of a fashion show that displayed the different clothing one would wear at different occasions.
Leigh Davenport, an International Student Organization worker and a sophomore nutrition major said she really enjoyed the fashion show.
“I found the traditional dress of Nepal surprisingly comfortable and colorful,” she said.
Shirish Lamichhane, president of NNA and a senior industrial engineering major, said Nepal is a country with such an assorted lifestyle, and the purpose is to promote that lifestyle to Tech students.
“Nepal is one small country with numerous languages,” he said. “From the low land to the highest peak, Nepal is very diverse.”
Lamichhane said he would like for those who attended to leave with a greater knowledge of Nepal.
“Lord Buddha was born in Nepal, a lot of people mistake that for India,” he said. “Nepal is its own independent country and I want people to know that.”
Basnyat also said Lord Buddha plays an important part in the customs of the Nepali people.
“His divine alignment helps us to be on the right track and to be proud of what we are,” he said.
Ashutosh Koirala, a senior electrical engineering major, said through Nepal Night, he and his peers hope to bring together two different groups of people.
“We’re trying to get the Nepali people and the American people together so there’s not a gap difference between the two cultures,” he said.
Basnyat said Nepal is a beautiful country full of people who know how to reverence one another.
“There are people with big hearts who know how to respect people and other cultures,” he said. “We’re the people who can mingle with everyone.”
Basnyat said the night was a great success and he hopes people will continue to attend Nepal Night in the future.
He said, “It was a phenomenal night promoting culture, different ethnicity and religion.”