Wesley event plays with murder

March 26, 2009

by Donyelle Davis

The Wesley Foundation will present a night of murder, mystery, comedy and fun with “Final Cut,” an interactive dinner theater, to fund the organization’s summer mission trips.

Kevin Sherrard, a junior secondary education major and participant in the event, said the dinner theater will be set up like a dinner party, and the actual dinner will become the stage for solving the murder.

“The entire dinner will be set around the performance,” he said. “The fun of it is to be able to interact with the characters, shift the blame and try to solve the murder.”

Sherrard said when there is a break in between courses, the show will be performed, and guests will have time to examine evidence and interrogate suspects while eating dinner.

“We really want everyone to leave feeling like they were a part of a fun and unique experience,” he said. “It is also very family-oriented.”

Sherrard said auditions to perform in the show are held every year at the end of the fall quarter or beginning of the winter quarter.

“You don’t have to be a member of the organization to participate,” he said. “This is also a chance for performers to break out of their shell.”

Sherrard also said accommodations will be made for vegetarians, as long as a member of the Wesley Foundation is notified in advanced of their arrival.

Megan Peters, an intern at the Wesley Foundation, said the dinner theater is one of the largest fundraisers held.

“This year we are taking two road trips, one northeast toward Kansas City and Minneapolis to work in homeless shelters and with the poor,” Peters said. “The team going west will be staying in a [Native American] reservation for two weeks, serving the people there, and then [going] to Denver for two weeks to work in runaway shelters and serve the homeless there.”

Peters said the organization decided to stay state-side this trip in order to better serve the needs of suffering Americans.

“We couldn’t justify taking two international mission trips when our own country is [being hit by] a recession,” she said. “We felt we needed to stay.”

Peters said the dinner theater will be completely run by students and staff who are involved in the Wesley Foundation.

Becky Clark, associate director at the Wesley Foundation, said the show is an opportunity for students to experience something fun and new.

“It is a really unique experience that isn’t offered around here,” Clark said. “Most importantly, it is supporting our mission trips, which are allowing students to serve in other places, show the love of Christ, grow and be challenged.”