FROM THE SPORTS DESK: A fan of all things boston

September 30, 2010

by Sarah Brown

I grew up in a house full of football fanatics. On Saturdays, the TV was set on college football, and Sundays consisted of church and the Saints. Growing up in The Big Easy, attending Saints games was part of life. I?went home this past February to witness the Saints win their first Super Bowl title. The next part of this might come as a total shock, so here goes. I am a diehard New England Patriots fan.

I went to Boston for the first time in fifth grade. My dad had work-related classes for two weeks, and my mom and I?tagged along for a week. As we walked the streets and observed the beautiful fall foliage (it was October, after all), the area felt like home.

The people were great, and I told my parents that I’d live up there someday. They laughed, but the dream still holds true.
When on family vacation, my dad takes us to the nearest NFL?stadium. At this time, my beloved Patriots were playing at Foxboro Stadium, and Gillette Stadium was being built. I?instantly became a Patriots fan. The same thing happened when we parked at Fenway Park to walk around the city and sight-see, I?started supporting the Red Sox.

Thanksgiving that year introduced me to Tom Brady. Most people think I’m a Pats fan because of Tom, but even if he left, they’d still be my No. 1. I?love the way Belichick coaches (despite his cheating scandal that I don’t talk about) and the intense fans at Gillette Stadium.

Most people think I’m crazy for saying this, but a goal of mine is to go to the coldest game possible, deck out in Patriots gear and shovel the snow out of my seat. I absolutely love watching games from Foxboro in freezing cold weather where the dad is helping his son shovel snow out of their seats and throw it in the air when the Pats score a touchdown. I?know, I’m crazy for wanting that (especially since I’m from the South), but I’d like to experience it. My dad claims he’d pay to see it, but it’ll happen.

My parents are the people I thank for raising me in a football- loving household. I grew up wearing Saints skirts my mom sewed with material from Walmart and black and gold bows in my hair. My dad explained football to me play-by-play during a Saints-Vikings game when I?was 10. I?remember asking him,

“So, the players tackle the guy with the ball, then they start the whole formation over again?”

When the Saints made the playoffs in 2000, my dad and I?went to see them fly out of New Orleans to play the Vikings. I was a Saints cheerleader several times for Halloween, as I wore a white shirt with the skirt my mom made, tennis shoes and gold pom-poms. When I have children someday, I plan on doing the same to them, except they’ll be decked out in Patriots gear.

My dad is a huge Manning fan. Eli, Peyton and Archie are three of his top favorite football players. One can only imagine our family when the Patriots play the Colts or Giants. One word to sum it up:?hilarious. My mom often plays the referee, and my dad and I rib at each other for three hours.

After the Super Bowl in which the Patriots ended their season 19-1 after they fell to the Giants, I?cried the rest of the night in disbelief, as my dad called the family to proclaim the victory.

If you can’t already tell, I?come from a crazy football family, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I miss watching football at home with my dad, faithfully wearing my Patriots jersey, praying my boys would be on top as scores flashed across the screen.

As I watch live football games from Foxboro and wish I was at the Red Sox games in Fenway, I hold on to the dream that one day, I’ll be in those stands, cheering right along with them.

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