Two cents saved is two cents earned: Odd couples continue to attract

March 19, 2009

by Cassidy Carson

Mandy Moore is a former pop princess. Ryan Adams is an alt-country maverick. Last week they tied the knot with ropes manufactured in odd couple heaven. And who-da thunk it? As the old saying goes, opposites attract; though, Mandy Moore has dated her fair share of indie darlings. Zach Braff, anyone?

So, in honor of this puzzling pair I’ve compiled a David Letterman-style Top Ten list of history’s odd couples to show you offbeat duos are as common as pork chops and applesauce.

10. Milkshakes and French fries: It must have started when a pregnant woman wanted something sweet and salty. It is comparable to the person who discovered milk comes from the utters of cows. “I wonder what happens when you tug on these bits.”

9. Tobias Fünke and Lindsey Fünke: A relationship between an aspiring actor/”never nude” and a self-involved, materialistic woman has never been so funny! Arrested Development got it right when the show paired these two, and anything but matrimonial bliss ensued. But alas, they finish each other’s sandwiches; I mean sentences.

8. Cats and couches: Buy a couch, get a cat free. This was the deal that came with a couch purchased by Vickie Mendenhall and Chris Lund. The feline stowed away in the sofa through a small hole in the back and was found by the couple 12 days later.

7. Sea anemones and clown fish: Though the sea anemone may look like a harmless plant, they are really hungry animals. They kill their prey by stinging it with their tentacles and pulling the dead fish into their hidden mouth. The clown fish, however, are protected from the anemone’s deadly sting. The fish helps the anemone by luring in fish, and in turn, the anemone provides a safe harbor for the clown fish.

6. Oscar Madison and Felix Unger: “Can two divorced men share an apartment without driving each other crazy?” No, no they cannot.

5. The birds and the bees: I still don’t understand why this is a euphemism for sex. This idiomatic expression is usually used to explain courtship and sex in a way children can understand. Good luck.

4. Nelly and Tim McGraw: The country superstar and a rap icon collaborated and the birth of their hit single was heard “Over and Over” on radio stations across the globe. Perhaps they made “Grillz” together and McGraw was kind enough to teach Nelly a little “Country Grammar.”

3. Hamsters and snakes: Aochan and Gohan became fast friends at the Tokyo Zoo. But, why? Aochan, a yard-long rat snake and Gochan, a dwarf hamster share a cage after Aochan refused to eat the hamster, named after a tasty Japanese rice dish.

2.Dwight and Angela: It’s all secrets and fun until someone kills a cat.

1. Kermit and Miss Piggy: They are the original odd couple. Her bacon starts cooking whenever he leaps into a room, yet her fondness is never requited within the heart of Kermit’s green felt body. It is not easy bein’ green.

Cassidy Carson is a senior journalism major who serves as online editor for The Tech Talk. E-mail comments to cec038@latech.edu.