Pi Kappa Phi gains charter

March 26, 2009

by David Awalt

A group of men saw a dream become a reality as Louisiana Tech’s Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi gained its official charter, becoming the 213th chapter in the nation at 7 p.m., Saturday on the second floor of the Student Center.

Tyler Sipes, the chartering chair for the fraternity and a junior marketing major, said this was a very important day for him and the rest of his brothers.

“Gaining a charter gives us access to all the secrets and intricacies of Pi Kappa Phi,” he said. “It’s something we’ve been working for since we started and is what every chapter strives to obtain.”

The chartering event featured Mark Jacobs, the national vice president of Pi Kappa Phi, and David Morgan, a Pi Kappa Phi hall of famer as well as a member of the board of trustees. These two men presented the official charter to Brad Anders, the president of Tech’s chapter.

Anders, a sophomore biology major, said Tech’s chapter began small.

“It originally started with six guys looking for something different in fraternities,” he said. “[They wanted] to bring something new to offer men coming into Tech.”

He also said one of the big reasons they wanted to bring it here was for Push America, which is one of the national charities that serves people with disabilities.

“It’s something that’s really special to us,” he said. “But we really wouldn’t be here today without those original six making it happen. They found something they were really passionate about and wanted to share it with guys coming into Tech.”

Anders also said he has gained some insight into what is truly means to be in a fraternity throughout this year.

“We’ve all learned what real brotherhood means,” he said. “[We learned] what it means to start something and the growth that comes along with it. It really is an honor to be an official chapter.”

But Anders said while it has not been just fun and games this past year, it has been worth it to see this dream play out.

“This past year has been worth it all,” he said. “It really shows me what it means to call these men my brothers. It has been worth the time, the effort and the stress. I couldn’t imagine chartering with a better and stronger group of guys.”

After working so hard to gain the official charter, Anders said he is excited to see where Pi Kappa Phi will go now.

“From here we continue the reason we came here,” he said. “[We want] to help better the Greek system at Tech through community service and outreach to campus, as well as the community.”

Sipes said he also sees the future of the fraternity as promising and is equally excited about where they are going to go from here.

“I see us continuing to grow,” Sipes said. “We’ve met the goal of getting our charter, and now we have to goal of being one of the best chapters in the nation.”