A year in review

May 7, 2008

As another school year comes to an end and students prepare for graduation, it is evident that the 2007-2008 school year has ushered in several changes set to make a definite impact on the years to follow.

Changes and different implementations have occurred all across the university ranging from much needed campus improvements to reaching new horizons in sports to continuing to strive for excellence in all academic areas.

Bent on implementing much needed tradition into the veins of Tech and its students, the First-Year Experience program strived to build ritual and pride throughout the campus allowing students to fully connect with Tech through a first annual convocation for all incoming freshman.

During this convocation, freshmen are given a medallion in which they symbolically toss into the Lady of the Mist.

The intention is that these students will receive these medallions on their graduation day.

Through this program, Tech is endeavoring to fuel pride and tradition, along with creating an even stronger alumni connection.

Aside from attempting to instill much needed tradition into the student body, steps have been made to inspire feelings of pride through the Change for Change referendum voted on the student body last March.

With this referendum set in motion last May, the ongoing construction necessary to complete this transition promises to leave students with more University Park apartments and a much improved intramural center. Even now, anyone passing through on Tech Drive are able to witness these promised changes taking place.

Aside from building a stronger athletics program and expanding distinct parts of campus, Tech has also managed to keep tuition below the national average and boasts several award-wining and published professors who span the university.

With subtle changes and implementations both academic and athletic, Tech is geared towards an even better 2008-2009 school year.