Doctoral student wins award

June 26, 2008

by Hunter Tannehill

The College of Business recently brought home another accomplishment as one of its
doctoral students won an award for his work at the Academy of Marketing Science annual
conference in Vancouver, Canada, May 28 through 31.

Weiling Zhuang, a second – year doctoral student in marketing,won the Janet Fenyo
award for the Outstanding Student Authored Paper at the 2008 Academy of Marketing
Science Conference.

“I was very excited to win the award,” Zhuang said. “It was a very important
award and it gave me a really big confidence boost and helps me move forward in my

Zhuang’s paper, which focused on how perceived sticker shock and consumer
perception, was one of 30 papers entered into the contest.

The paper focused on the consumer perception of a product can be affected by its sticker

Zhuang said an example of this would be when a consumer goes to buy a car, and it costs
more than they think it is worth, how it changes their reaction and perception, and
how to change that from a marketing standpoint.

Zhuang said he credits the professors from the College of Business for their support and
encouragement along the way.

“When I got the award, even [Barry] Babin, who was the president of AMS, didn’t know
it was happening. So at the convention when
the chairman announced it, both he and I were very excited,” Zhuang said.

Zhuang says he plans to finish his degree program and then become a professor and conduct research to share his knowledge with other students.

With AMS moving its home office to Tech, Zhuang felt that it was one of many important
distinctions for the marketing department.

Barry Babin, head of the marketing and analysis department, was very proud of
Zhuang’s accomplishment.

“The Jane Fenyo Award is a highly competitive award and is certainly an
achievement for which Weiling can be very proud. As department chair, I certainly speak for the entire faculty in congratulating Weiling,” Babin said.

“Additionally, Weiling’s achievement speaks to the quality of graduate education provided here in the College of Business and specifically in the department of marketing and analysis.”

Babin said the marketing department’s high expectations help give their graduates a
competitive advantage in obtaining positions and succeeding in their career.

He said, “Over three-hundred attendees at the AMS Annual Conference and the 1500 AMS members internationally are more aware of the quality of education provided here at
Louisiana Tech through Weiling’s accomplishment.”