Bible study invites diverse crowd

March 20, 2008

by Tina Marie Alvarenga

One Body in Christ, a non-organizational Bible study where students of all denominations get together to worship God, held its first meeting last Monday in the Neilson Residence Hall lobby.

Shaun Smith, one of the founders of OBC, which is held Mondays at 9 p.m. in Neilson’s lobby, said he felt like God was leading him to start a Bible study.

“I feel God laid this on me to start, not for me, or for my glory, but all for him,” Smith, a junior physical education major, said.
“I just wanted to start something where students from different denominations, colors and backgrounds could come together and worship God.”

Smith supports the other religious organizations on campus and is involved with Chi Alpha.

“I love Chi Alpha, and I’ve been to the BCM and the Wesley Foundation once, and I love what they’re doing on campus, but I just feel that sometimes we as Christians are divided among ourselves,” Smith said.

The BCM and The Wesley Foundation hold weekly campus lunches, Bible studies, and various activities where students can get together and fellowship with one another.

Nadia Morgan, a senior business management and entrepreneurship major, attended OBC and said she enjoyed it.

Morgan said, “I think OBC is a great way for students to come together and speak about their religious beliefs in Christ without having a certain religion barrier.”

Morgan also said, in OBC, students have open discussions and share their feedback on the message that was taught.

“I think it actually hit points that we as college students need to hear about and speak about,” she said. “We talked about temptation and how to handle it and live in Christ. I think the best part about it is that students actually came together to worship.”

Morgan also said OBC was not like a normal church Bible study.

“It was actually students that decided they wanted to get together and talk about Christ and let others know about it.”

OBC opens in prayer, then has worship, followed by the message.

Smith said the point of OBC was to let people know God and teach them about the Bible.

“I want people to come to Jesus and build a relationship with Jesus,” Smith said. “We fail to realize that without him in our life, it’s basically pointless. A lot of people get confused when I say ‘One Body in Christ.’ I’m [referring] to Christians. I don’t want to offend any other religion.”

OBC welcomes anyone who is interested and wants to take a part in it.

Pageoan Edwards, the guitar player for OBC worship and a sophomore mechanical engineering major, said, “It’s real nice. I think it will fulfill the plans and mission as far as uniting students on campus and uplifting of each other.”

Edwards said he feels comfortable at OBC.

“Being away from home, it is a way to get away from the moral and spiritual values you were taught by your parents,” Edwards said. “To me OBC uplifts my spirits and gets me around people that I know and I feel comfortable worshipping with,” he said.

Smith said he encourages students to come out and join them for Bible study.

“Anyone is welcome,” he said. “I want God to use me to fulfill his will.”