Alumni Board Member defends Tech traditions

June 26, 2008

Dear Editor,

The first posting in the Sports Blog was a choice that does damage to what Tech is trying to achieve.

There are many efforts being made to build Tech pride, i.e., First Year Experience, Tech Traditions, Tech Banners, Tech branding, etc. Choosing to pursue topics that perpetuate the very things we are working hard to overcome is unconscionable.

I am not suggesting censorship, but am requesting that the editorial staff be chosen from candidates that understand the Louisiana Tech goals and how they can work to achieve them.

I am an active member of the Louisiana Tech Alumni Board and have donated much time and money over the years to protect and further develop the Tech brand both academically and athletically. Having writers for The Tech Talk take a position that is non-supportive of the university is countering the good work of myself and thousands of other alumni.

Justin Hinckley