Reader responds to sports blog, promotes school spirit

June 30, 2008

Dear Editor,

One of your sports writers, Mr. Kevin Sims, recently posted a blog regarding his cute little ol’ gray LSU hat, absentmindedly worn to a Louisiana Tech baseball game to interview Coach Wade Simoneaux.

Mr. Sims was mystified when Coach Sim took exception to an LSU hat worn by a Louisiana Tech student at a Louisiana Tech baseball

The upshot of the blog is that Kevin is an LSU fan and feels Tech Athletics have no relevance, though he is a student at Louisiana Tech and a writer at Louisiana Tech’s University newspaper; his daddy is an LSU fan, though an alumnus of Louisiana Tech; and Mr. Sims feels it is perfectly acceptable to wear LSU products to Louisiana
Tech athletic events and indeed, on campus and to class each day.

I do wonder if LSU would feel the reverse is acceptable?

I doubt it very seriously.

I would like to point out that our football Coach and new AD, Derek Dooley, is expending
more energy and time in truly bringing the Tech Family together than we have seen in 20 years.

The Tech Family includes current students and future students who will start their freshman year at Tech this fall – at
exactly the same time the biggest home football game in our history will take place.

These same students read our school paper and online blogs.

We need to encourage and ask for their support and participation on August 30 and at every home football game we have this Fall.

I am appalled that a student writer at The Tech Talk would be blogging on the relevance of a school in Baton Rouge – intimating to Tech Talk readers and our student body that it is perfectly acceptable to support LSU (at
the very least to have divided loyalties) though you attend and graduate from Louisiana Tech.

This written in a Tech Talk blog at a time when we need each and every student and alumnus to be loyal to their alma mater, Louisiana Tech University, and to get involved and participate in the rebuilding of our athletic program.

It is a disservice and an insult to our school, our athletes, our coaches, our alumni, our fans, our students, our supporters and our new AD – folks who are working their behinds off to change the perception and reputation of our program and rebuild Bulldog Athletics.

I certainly hope this type of “blogging” in connection with our school newspaper and Louisiana Tech will not be repeated.

I also hope during the remaining time Mr. Sims is a student at Louisiana Tech, he completes an excellent education, jumps off the bandwagon, gets with the “program” here in Ruston at Louisiana Tech, gets a Tech Blue hat with the new Tech logo on it for day and athletic event wear, and keeps his
opinions and support regarding the school in BR confined to a more appropriate
venue – The Reveille.

Toni Cox
Class of ’83