The Lot

June 26, 2008

by Katherine Fuller

I possess insider information about the world of a car dealership.

Yours truly is a student by day and a part-time receptionist by night, and weekends for that matter.

One could say I’ve learned many of life’s lessons while sitting for hours at the phone repeating my song,”Thank you for calling Courtesy Automotive Team. How may I direct your call?”

This week marks my second anniversary at this home away from home. That means I’ve said those two sentences at least 175,000
No exaggeration.

On three known occasions, I have answered my cell phone by thanking my best friends for calling Courtesy Automotive Team.

Just for the record, I am not the red-head from the movie, “Office Space.”
Despite the tedious nature of my current profession, I began to develop relationships with the people whose offices surround my desk.

I’ve made great friends and even found someone to marry! Yet, spending so much time in one place truly begins to affect my perception of this seemingly mundane business.

The TV series, “The Office,” has become my new free-time obsession because I can relate so well to the ridiculous antics and attitudes of the characters that result from cabin fever.

I watched the first three seasons on a friend’s Netflix account and just finished the most recent season on NBC.com. But the show has nothing on my Courtesy.

I am the real Pam; my fiancé, Jason, is the real Jim; and the remaining employees could star in their own reality show titled “The Lot.”

The occurrences at work can be classified as dramatic fiction for Lifetime or something similar to dry comedy suitable for any remaining emo kids out there.

The characters in my show create new forms of entertainment every day.The general manager used to host a game, giving the sales staff an opportunity to leave early on slow nights.

With a dictionary in hand (which I purchased to aid my crossword puzzles), a random word would be selected.

Whoever gave the closest correct definition was able to clock out and jet.

Other ironic, yet laughable, occasions include times when a Fall football is thrown back and forth in the showroom, just short of bouncing off the $50,000 Cadillac, or when certain sales people karate chop a breakfast bar in half as a running joke that no one can stop. Whatever the weather and
whatever our mood, “The Lot” is nothing short of our own TV setting.

I am a career student with a little reception on the side.

This is my life.

Katherine Fuller is a senior English education major and journalism minor from Ruston, who serves as managing editor for The Tech Talk. E-mail comments to kaf008@latech.edu.