Tinactin, haircuts and pasty white boys

June 26, 2008

by Kevin Sims

I have been told on more than one occasion that I live in my own little world.

I transcend marching to a beat of a different drummer. I march to the beat
of a pasty, rhythmically challenged white boy who wandered on stage during
a production of “Stomp.”

There are things I just do not get and probably never will.
I don’t like pop culture. I could not tell you which celebrity is
dating whom, who won anything on reality television or what songs are in the top 100 on any chart.

I watch celebrities in movies; their personal lives do not interest me in the least.

I own a TV only to watch sporting events and maybe the occasional rerun of “Scrubs.” I do not think I have a song made in the past five years on my
iPod, and the majority of the artists found within are dead.

If I wear any in-style clothing, it is a complete accident. I own a couple
pair of jeans with the hip stains, rips and holes, but when I originally
bought them they were sharp pairs of Levis.

I know when it is time for a haircut when my hat does not fit right.
My own little world goes beyond physical things too.
I live my life one awkward moment at a time. I have had my foot in my
mouth so much I use Tinactin as breath spray.

But what really separates me from the rest of the world is I have accepted
all my differences.

I don’t try to be who I am not just to fit in with the crowd, nor do I
go out of my way to separate myself from the norm.

In my years as a college student, I have found that the majority of the people walking the halls fall into those two categories.

They stick out like a Goth at a rodeo.

Some are easy to catch like the against-the-grain rocker who wanted to be rebellious by getting an Asian symbol tattoo.

Some are harder to catch, like the girl whose attire is a little too perfect when she tries to pull off the just rolled-out-of-bed-and-went-to-class look.
My favorite type of person is the one who tries just a little too hard to be

I think it is funny that by trying so hard not to be like everyone else they
have created an opposite version of normal which is just as average. The
only difference between trendy and edgy is the edgy alienate those who
they could benefit from, like future employers, just from appearance.
I just do not think there is a big market for stock brokers with the sides
of their lips pierced shut and a tattoo of a snake crawling up their face. It may just be me, though.

I wish people would just understand that there are more of us perpetual
awkward kids than those who can pull off being trendy.

As college students, we have the power to change the trends of the consumer.
We can stop big corporations from manipulating us into living the life they think is most profitable by not fitting within their mold.

We can be who we were meant to be.

It maybe a little awkward at first, but I promise you will be used to the
taste of Tinactin in a couple of days.

Kevin Sims is senior journalism major from Shreveport, who serves a
managing editor for The Tech Talk. E-mail coments to kvs004@latech.edu.