Students find summertime relief in friends

July 1, 2008

by Caitlin Crawford

The town of Ruston may not be an ideal place
during the summertime because of the weather
and lack of activities, but three friends have made do with what the area has to offer.

Staying indoors away from the heat and humidity is not an option for Natalie Fasullo, a senior kinesiology major.

According to Fasullo, the outdoors is a must,
even when it comes to working out.

“For exercise we’ll walk or run in Hideaway
Park,” Fasullo said. “It’s hot, but the shade from the surrounding trees is nice.”

Madeline Hennigan, a senior biology major,
said exploring the town and area parks and is
something nice about the summer session.

“We had a picnic in Cooktown Park,” Hennigan
said. “It’s really cute and it has a playground where you can swing.”

As summer nights cool to a more sustainable
heat, and friends can gather around barbeques, grill and pass the time.

“We like to grill for dinner,” Allison Tohme, a senior biology major, said. “It gives us a social aspect of getting friends together.”

Because summertime is less crowded and much
slower around campus, these young women said
they all started on-campus jobs.

“So far we’ve been helping out with Orientation,” Tohme said. “It takes up a lot of time.”

Tohme also said she enjoys classes during the
summer session.

“It’s a lot more laid back,” Tohme said.
“I enjoy going to the same class every day.

The days are full, but the homework is a lot less [than the amount during the regular school year].”

Students also have more time to involve themselves in local events throughout the year because of the lighter load of schoolwork that summer presents.

“I’m pretty excited to see the [Squire Creek
Louisiana] Peach Festival,” Hennigan said.
“I’ve been once before, but [Tohme and Fasullo] have never been and I think they’ll enjoy it.”

Although gas prices have and continue to climb the scale, these young women have found a way to make the best of their summer in and around the Ruston area.

Fasullo said West Monroe also has a lot to offer students and is only 30 minutes away.
Tohme said Bayou Bowling and Crossett
Lanes, bowling allies in West Monroe, supply a great Saturday night pastime.

Tohme said her group of friends is looking forward to a random adventure they have had in mind for awhile now.

“I would like to go to the highest point in
Louisiana, Mt. Driskill,” Tohme said. “It would be something fun for the summer.”

With places to go and people to see Fasullo,
Hennigan and Tohme have found a way to fill their agendas in a deserted college town during the summertime.