Tau Beta Pi awards scholarships to senior engineering students

May 7, 2008

by Heather Small

A $2,000 cash scholarship was given to select students by the Fellowship of Tau Beta Pi, a national engineering honor society, to assist with their senior year of engineering.

Out of 366 students, only 146 students were chosen to receive this award, and four of those students were enrolled in the engineering program at Tech.

Michelle Sibille, a member of Tau Beta Pi and a junior biomedical engineering major, said Tau Beta Pi only gives out a certain number of scholarships to a limited number of people.

“The organization offers several different scholarships,” she said. “The scholarships are open to undergraduateÿstudents who are members of Tau Beta Pi.”

Sibille said she was honored to receive the scholarship.

“All of the members of Tau Beta Piÿare excellent students and leaders and are very deserving of this type of recognition,” she said. “Iÿam so grateful to be one of the students chosen for the award.”

She said she plans to use the scholarship to continue her education.

“After graduating from Louisiana Tech, I hope to attend medical school to combine my interest in healthcare withÿthe skills I have learned in engineering,” Sibille said.

She also said receiving the award was a surprise.

“Iÿexpected the scholarship to be very competitive.” she said.ÿ”Being honored with the scholarship wasÿa great surprise.”

Christopher Karamales, a member of Tau Beta Pi and a junior mechanical engineering major, said an application goes through several steps.

“A committee reviews applications, whichÿincludes two letters of recommendation from professors and a standard application withÿquestions about the applicant,” Karamales said.

He said he was excited when he found out he had been chosen to receive the scholarship.

“I was pretty excited when I found out that I had won this award,” Karamales said.ÿ”It was an honorÿthat, out of all the applicants in the country, I was chosen.”

Karamales also said he believes the scholarship gives students a great opportunity.

“I think it’s a great opportunity and award for those people who have worked hardÿthroughout college,” he said.ÿ”I feel proud that this many students from Louisiana Tech won theÿaward.”

Emile Frey, a member of Tau Beta Pi and a junior electrical engineering major, said he plans to use his scholarship to relieve himself of any educational debt.

“I plan to use this scholarshipÿtoward any expenses that [I] incur during the 2008-2009 academic year,” he said.ÿ”With thisÿscholarship, along with the award from winning the [IEEE] video contest, I will be able toÿremove any loans and will actually be able to pay them back.”

He also said winning the award came as a bit of a shock.

“I was very surprised toÿhear that I had received this scholarship because out of the many applicants, only [a certain number of] people nationwide will receive this scholarship,” Frey said.

He also said the award is a chance for engineering students to be acknowledged for their abilities.

“I think this scholarship is a great way to recognize people in the College of Engineeringÿand Science that have excelled in all that they do,ÿsuch as service, academia,ÿleadership and character,” Frey said.ÿ

“This scholarship was not designed to reward people basedÿjust on GPA;ÿtherefore, it was a huge honor to receive this award.”