It’s great to be a bulldog

October 21, 2010

by Sarah Brown

Fans stood to their feet, and the stands erupted in chaos at the come-from-behind victory over the Mississippi State Bulldogs. My first game as a Tech student in 2008 allowed me to immediately fall in love with Bulldog football. I had just unpacked my stuff in the dorm for move-in weekend, and my parents were headed home to pack up for Hurricane Gustav.  I constantly updated my dad on the score and made sure our house would be fine.

Home games my freshman year set me up to watch the growth and success of the football team. Considering my mom’s side of the family are diehard Mississippi State fans, I wore my Tech blue loud and proud at Thanksgiving, Christmas and the following family reunion. Despite being stuck by the most annoying person at the game, I loved the atmosphere and support the student section gave.

Sophomore year rolled around, and I became a full-blown Bulldog fan.  My friends and I ordered red Ray Ban knockoffs via eBay, painted up with some friends and enjoyed some Tech football. I was writing sports for The Tech Talk, but I was not covering football. During last year’s Boise State game, I started covering football. I realized it was my absolute dream come true, and I hope to land a job that allows me to cover the game in the future.

When football season came to a close, basketball quickly took its place. I’m sad to say I never went to a game my freshman year, but my plans are to go to every possible game from now on. There’s nothing like hearing the roar of the crowd and the sounds of the band as the students cheer the Bulldogs and Techsters to a home victory.

The same goes for baseball season. Freshman year, I attended my first baseball game and loved the atmosphere. The smell of hot dogs, families out on a Sunday afternoon to watch the Bulldogs  and the applause of fans after a huge play make home games exciting.

Since becoming a sports reporter, and eventually editor, my love and passion for sports has increasingly grown. I love getting ESPN’s tweets to my phone, watching SportsCenter every night before I go to sleep and attending home games. I wouldn’t trade that for anything in the world.

My favorite thing about college thus far is Tech football. From the lovely student section decked out in Tech blue (with the exception of the “Red-Out” game) to singing the Alma Mater before and after every game, I have drastically fallen in love with Tech athletics.

Basketball is my second favorite Tech sport. Though I?have never sat in the student section, I love watching the crowd get intense.  

With the recent promotions of “Dance for Your Dinner,” “Maniac for a Caniac,” KissCam and free pizza to the biggest fan, home games for football and basketball have become more focused on the fun aspect of the game as well as genuine entertainment.

I’m really excited to see the future of Tech athletics. With the new JumboTron added to the Joe last year, and the high home-crowd attendance, Tech athletics is really picking up.

Tech’s over-zealous home crowd that loves to put their hands up make the Joe one unique place on college football Saturdays.

The atmosphere of Tech athletics is phenomenal. From Super Fan in the stands to the families that come out, the TAC looks amazing on game nights. I’m proud to be a Bulldog and watch our athletics improve over the years. I hope fans continue to come out and support Tech, and the athletics will continue to grow.

After all, it is great to be a Bulldog.

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